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  • Fear is more contagious than any disease.

  • “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust” makes sense, but I doubt that our mothers gave birth to either.

  • We often spread camouflage netting, in the form of words, over our weaknesses to make them appear as strengths, and at other times to make them to not appear at all.

  • It is impossible to move towards happiness if our minds are anchored to angers of past wrongs.

  • Perhaps a man’s home is his castle, but for many wives, it is also their dungeon.

  • He is richest who has all the best things that money can’t buy.

  • The fountain of youth tends to get much colder the longer one stays in it.

  • Those that have endured great calamity may seem unemotional, when actually they are displaying the emotion of resolve that is needed to endure through their pain.

  • Of course leaders aren’t born; they are made. Whoever saw a baby leading anything?

  • It is a great sadness when hearing that childhood was the happiest time of a person’s life.

  • The chronically frightened intelligent person can easily be thought of as an un-frightened unintelligent person.

  • Our country has many unrecognized heroes that go unnoticed because of the media’s focus on just a few celebrities. This is very much like our sky, which is full of stars during the day, but are made invisible by the light of the sun.

  • All profess to be logical, even the most illogically inclined.

  • There is no objective standard for being “well adjusted” as the culture of which one is apart dictates the behavior necessary for the absence of conflict. A “well adjusted” person in one culture can be immediately be regarded as “ill adjusted” when placed in another.

  • We can say of many that their hearts are in the right place even though their brains got lost along the way.

  • Those that are most suspect are those that suspect others the most.

  • Life doesn’t come furnished with a parachute that we can use if our body indicates that it may crash.

  • The difference between pride and self-esteem is the difference between a light that shines to others and a light that shines only within.

  • Those that are dominated by fear will be attracted to that which is only not fearful. Those that are dominated by love will be attracted to that which has only more love.

  • “It might have been.” is the future lament of those that are so afraid of failure that they will only try those things that seem to guarantee success.

  • We deceive ourselves when we believe that we understand anything merely because we fail to ask one more “Why?”.

  • It is far more important for the young to learn curiosity than facts; as curiosity will open all the doors to the facts that they will ever need.

  • Every person’s life is a continuum divided only by definitions.

  • Those that charge that others should change their attitudes, makes it sound as simple as changing a light bulb. All we can do is change our behavior to indicate a different attitude, a process that if continued, has the affect of changing attitudes.

  • It is easy to get others to speak well of you; all you have to do is die.

  • Money can’t buy love any more than it can buy anything else that is entirely emotional; but money can create the illusion for thirty minutes.

  • Few will appreciate a person’s good qualities if that person submits them for approval.

  • The best time to have a good head on your shoulders is when they try to hang you.

  • The person that identifies with the nail sees hammers everywhere.

  • In aging, we need to make sure that while our arteries harden, that our heads don’t soften.

  • What is there about us that makes good habits so easy to abandon and bad habits so difficult?

  • The most important bridge for us to build is the one that allows us to cross the dark abyss between what we believe ourselves to be and what we really are.

  • One of the major problems in having children is that we don’t cease being children ourselves until almost too late to have children.

  • Often we hear someone say:” It doesn’t take much to satisfy him/her.” Though intended to be a putdown, it should be thought of as praise for someone that is likely to be satisfied throughout life. Does anyone believe that dissatisfaction is a trait of someone that is happy?

  • Some form of character defect is what produces negative behavior when one becomes either rich or poor. Money or its absence functions only like a light switch: if there isn’t a workable light bulb, the switch has no effect.

  • Unrequited love usually lasts longer than if the love were not unrequited.


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Page 60 of  161

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