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  • One thing that can be said in favor of Hell, - it wonít be boring.

  • God send us gifts, but none come gift-wrapped; instead the gifts often come to us looking as though they were always a part of Nature; and at other times the gifts come to us disguised as adversities.

  • Those that donít believe in an afterlife might be surprised; those that do believe cannot be.

  • Why do those that pray that Godís will be done, preempt God and seek to impose their own?

  • When someone says that some particular thing wonít last forever, they have said nothing since nothing that is real does either. It is only those things which are imaginary that do, and even this may not be true if all of the believers cease to be.

  • Those that debate the existence of God seem to debate as though the winner will cause His existence or nonexistence.

  • Many of our prayers are for help on some problem in which we were the chief cause. It is only if that prayer goes unanswered do we truly learn, and this may actually have been Godís answer.

  • The primary reasons that people cling so strongly to their beliefs, is because since they adopted them, they have sought their confirmations and rejected their contradictions.

  • Trying to reason with someone that is dogmatic is like mounting a dead horse and expecting to go somewhere.

  • The motive is always suspect for those, who refrain from malice because of fear of law or Hell, and those, that do good for love of acclaim or Heaven.

  • One requirement that many have, before accepting God, is that they can understand him; yet if that were possible, they would already be gods themselves.

  • That thousands of theologies exist today indicates that most, and perhaps all are false; but, that in no way indicates that God is false merely because mankind has concocted fantasies about Him.

  • If there really is a battle between good and evil, then each of us should be the referee, and not the politicians or theologians.

  • There are those that regard the belief in God, as merely a superstition; but it is just as superstitious to believe that there is no God; because there is no verifiable evidence for either belief.

  • If Hell is paved with good intentions, it is interesting to speculate on how the bad intentions are used.


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Page 60 of  67

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