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  • When dealing with others, compromise is often called upon in order to get results. When dealing with oneís conscience, compromise almost always results in regret and remorse.

  • Those that believe that need follows love will have no trouble believing that a dog follows its tail.

  • When communicating with another, the shortest distance between two points is always the truth.

  • When things look darkest, remember that even the nighttime has rainbows.

  • It is easy to not be disagreeable with others if we would just assume that the other is only expressing a hypothesis.

  • That we do folly is apparent to others no matter how well we try to hide it from ourselves.

  • "It might have been" is the epitaph on the gravestones of abandoned dreams.

  • Many show a disguised form of envy in their opposing anything that might enrich another.

  • Trying to save time is like trying to save sunshine. It must be either used when received or lost forever.

  • When one careless word is spoken that poisons, the antidote cannot be found in a thousand words.

  • To sit in judgment of others that are in desperate need, is like judging a kite's performance in a tornado.

  • Before we attempt the difficult task of discovering the meaning of life, we should first start with something simple like trying to discover the meaning of a rock.

  • It may be that mankind in general seeks truth and avoids that which is false, but the average individual is nondiscriminatory by equally preferring that which is false to that which is true, depending on which fits his biases.

  • Living oneís life fearing that the worst will happen, guarantees that something even worse will happen, a wasted life.

  • If we assume that time is finite, why is it that we can make time each day for things that we most value?

  • Americans have no trouble tolerating those that are different as long as they arenít too different.

  • Much miscommunication occurs because instead of letting our words describe what we are communicating about, we let our words describe our beliefs or our feelings about those things without expressing that that is all that we are doing.

  • Inquiry tends to leave when a certainty enters, thus leaving inquiry stranded with only a fragment of the whole.

  • When meeting an unmovable object, be like an irresistible force and go through the object.

  • The future is likely to be led, not by those that have knowledge, but by those that can utilize change.

  • With some, it is more blessed to receive than to give.

  • The struggle for power is a product of insecurities, yet few things so threaten oneís future as contending for power that is possessed by others.

  • There probably is no more certain way to handicap an individualís progress, or even a nationís progress, than to adopt dogmas about how one should be;for as long as dogmas describe what an individual or a nation should be, no higher goal is likely and the potential is never fully developed.

  • It is far wiser to abandon the struggle to gain power over others and devote oneís energies to gaining power over oneself.

  • Honor is to always act in accord with oneís conscience even when so acting is certain to arouse the disapproval of those that care most for us.

  • The most effective antidote for the poison of anotherís anger is an attempt at calm understanding of the other.

  • To point out the achievements of our ancestors makes even more glaring our lack of them.

  • The mother of a lie may be desire, but the mother of an excuse is always fear.

  • To depend on knowledge that is false is like depending on the ice of a lake that looks thick but isnít.

  • One should live so that even when dying one is still in wonder.

  • People that live in glass houses, of course, shouldnít throw stones, and as far we know, those that donít shouldnít either.

  • We tend to exaggerate our anticipated joys, and even more so our anticipated dangers.

  • We have no difficulty in understanding those that are petty, since we have all been petty, but those that are petty can not understand those that are expansive since theyíve never been there.

  • To probe the depth of another, just listen to how that person describes the depth of someone else.

  • It is wiser for us to make our needs become as putty, that conform to the requirements of life, than it is to make the requirements of life, become as putty, that conforms to our needs.

  • Few things tend to spread rumors about ourselves more than our vigorous denials.

  • With some of our habits that most delight, a sample produces an avalanche.

  • The wise will never have needed to forgive because they will never have found grounds for accusations.


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