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  • Many fears are like invisible dogs, always silently snipping us from behind and wanting to be fed.

  • When is love more obvious than when the cook comes into your room to give you the cake bowel to lick?

  • Polite silence when in dissent is like an imposter seeking entry to a party.

  • The last words of a truly wise man - "I still donít understand anything".

  • One more grain of sand on the beach is never noticed. One more grain of sand in the eye is never ignored.

  • If you focus too long on possible failure, then the two of you are soon to be wed.

  • A stopped clock is correct more often than one which runs, but runs slowly. A clock that runs fast is correct more often than either.

  • If the head of the family makes the decisions, it is the rest of the body that makes the success.

  • The warped mirror of time reflects the images that most suit our current delusions.

  • Life is a marathon, not a sprint. A sprinter will never win a marathon.

  • The monster that we sometimes see in another may also be hibernating in each of us, only waiting for "The Spring of Desperation".

  • One knows a true-soul mate has been found when one is enriched by the sharing of silent moments.

  • No door hides more possibilities for understanding others, but is often locked shut by so many, as when we ask another "Why?"

  • A long happy marriage is one where each party finds the keys to continue unlocking the doors to freedom in the otherís mind.

  • Most fears may be only the kernels of our ignorance, forcibly begging to be consumed by understandings.

  • Love is one's strongest positive emotion towards anything, real or imaginary.

  • Maturity is reached when one no longer needs approval or fears the disapproval of others; when one no longer dwells on "what might have been"; when one no longer wishes for what others have, but instead wishes to share what one has with others; and when looks upon oneís self as something that can only be improved in very small increments until lifeís end.

  • One can take another for granted with impunity if one chooses to act in ways that might otherwise imperil a relationship; one can also take another for granted because of the awareness that no act will be done to imperil that relationship, a condition that fosters security for both.

  • We are molded and we are molders, as all those that we engage with mold us as we mold them, even if in very fine increments.

  • When a person is born that is distinctly different than others, there is a general tendency to shun that individual; the same thing is true when distinctly new ideas are born.

  • Each time we kill time a part of our lives bleed.

  • Though roads may go places they still remain where they were before, the same that we can when we try to understand and empathize with others.

  • Life is like taking a very long multiple choice test where the number of choices is near infinite and the test is graded by Reality.

  • We may, in all ways, try to prevent death yet we still die always.

  • In our strivings for career successes, it is easy to achieve failures of character.

  • We can loot others not only of their physical treasures but of their self-esteem as well.

  • There is a tendency within every culture to regard any particular form of mental illness as normal once its prevalence reaches a certain but undeterminable level.

  • Being candid is more acceptable the more it is like candy.

  • Developing good habits is a kind of animal training that we practice on ourselves.

  • One is often most endangered by the belief of being absolutely secure.

  • How can it be that many that wish goodwill for all seem to take pleasure in the failings of others?

  • Life is like an ice-cream cone; it must be consumed in its time or wasted on the ground.

  • We prefer to believe that we are too important to be wasted by ceasing to exist at death, and so there must be life after death, yet if we would just observe, everything else observable in the Universe is also doomed to what we judge today to be waste.

  • We live and learn, and if not the latter, then not the former.

  • If there is any value in truth it is that it enriches the human spirit in general, but it is also a weapon that can be used to deplete the human spirit in the singular.

  • Some of the things that are most missed in later years are the temptations that that we passed up so long ago.


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