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  • Having "a lot on the ball" may mean that "a lot" rests on an unstable base.

  • What we call "knowledge" should be regarded only as claims of truth, not truth itself.

  • It is the fool that knows while the wise suspects.

  • Believing that there is some great secret to success is like believing that a magician can create rabbits in a hat.

  • Even in the darkest corner of the universe there still is some light, but within the character of some, we can't discover the smallest glimmer.

  • The difference between being opinionated and having an opinion is like the difference between having a malignancy and reading about it.

  • Wouldn’t the first straw be just as important as the last straw in breaking the camel’s back?

  • One of life’s greatest expenses is indolence.

  • The light of fame is like the light of a lightening bolt---spectacular and brief.

  • Is it evil to commit evil against those that initiate evil? Does our reluctance to commit evil, become an evil in itself if those that commit evil are left to commit those acts because of our reluctance?

  • It is irrational to assume that the majority is right or rational; rather, assume that the majority is only the majority, and nothing more.

  • Perhaps when we become too old to learn, we have also become too old to truly live.

  • Destiny is only what life turns out to be. It is not a one-way street without exits that some unknown force requires that we must travel.

  • Even those that remember the past are also doomed to repeat it because most won’t believe that the past will apply to them.

  • Differences in opinions open the doors to both understanding and to the abyss of rancor.

  • Almost everything that is highly valued today was at one time thought to be impossible?

  • Whether the glass is half-full or half-empty doesn‘t matter to those that thirst.


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