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  • When listening to politicians, it is best to not believe anything they say or to disbelieve everything they say. Regard every thing as a great big "maybe".

  • Some are so fond of freedom of speech that they would they would defend to your death your right to say anything.

  • If a perfect egalitarian revolution could be achieved today, another would need to occur daily.

  • Those that discourage the accumulation of wealth are often the first in line when the government hands it out.

  • Can anyone be considered free that must endure daily under the yoke of deprivation for lifeís basic needs?

  • If it is true that two wrongs donít make a right, then why are we denying equality to one group, in an effort compensate another group that earlier had equality denied to them by an entirely different group?

  • An executioner and a censor are alike, in that the former kills unpopular people, while the latter kills unpopular expression.

  • If we purport to be a nation of laws and not religion, why is there any dispute about when an individual comes into existence? Those that wrote the Constitution never counted a fetus as an individual during the first census of 1790, therefore how can a non-individual possess any rights guaranteed by the Constitution unless an amendment is passed to declare it so?

  • Some believe that they must become poorer if others prosper. This is like believing that as a tree grows, the earth must become poorer.

  • Trying to close the gap between the have and have-nots by taking from the "haves" is like trying to close the ever-increasing gap between the educated and uneducated by requiring lobotomies.

  • Minorities have become one of the greatest sources of intolerance. No longer wanting just equal rights, they now require that the nation bends to their demands by their becoming more than equal through being given preferential rights.

  • Republicans are inclined to favor measures that tend to cause abuse by individuals. Democrats are inclined to favor measures that tend to cause abuse by governments.

  • "Equality" always seems like a worthy goal if we never question the quality of that equality. Would we really want equality if that meant that we were all starving equally?


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