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  • Nothing can be known by faith alone, anymore than wanting alone can produce fame.

  • The difference between religious bigotry and racial bigotry is like the difference between a nickel and a five-cent piece.

  • God is unlikely to be found in buildings, books, or groups, but deep within each of us, concealed by the doctrines of our earlier learning.

  • Some children fear punishment for their wrongdoing. Some adults fear Hell for their wrongdoing. Some children expect reward for their good behavior. Some adults expect Heaven for their good behavior. All children need love just for being. All adults need love just for being.

  • It is strange that Creationists find it difficult to believe that the Universe has always existed, but find no difficulty in believing that God has always existed in the absence of the Universe.

  • If religious fundamentalists were as secure in their beliefs as they claim, why do they become so agitated by things that seem, at least to others, to contradict those same beliefs?

  • Holding on to dogmas is like being in coffin because it seems safe and comfortable. Abandoning a dogma creates peril and discomfort in much the same way that birth does to a newborn. The choice for each of us is whether to remain in the coffin or to be reborn.

  • Religion ultimately means only the relationship between the individual and God, not between the state and God, not between a church and God, and especially not between the majority and God.

  • The dogmas of long ago were perhaps adequate for that time, but may be highly destructive to the present and future.

  • As no one understands why music attracts nearly everyone, we should never expect to understand why mankind tends to be attracted to a belief in God. Both affinities seem to be in our nature.

  • Knowing something by faith is like eating a cake by reading its recipe.

  • God may have created Humanists to deliver some of His blessings to the rest of humanity.

  • The fleeting happiness that is often felt, almost always comes from physical things. Enduring happiness is the result of an abiding spiritual-self that unites what we are with what we believe.


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