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  • When we keep our own council rather than abiding by the beliefs of others, our minds can remain as free we claim them to be.

  • One that sows at random should expect a harvest of unfavorable consequences.

  • We should live, not as a candle waiting to be lighted only when there is darkness, but to be lighted so as to add light to even the brightest day.

  • Each of us makes our living by selling something, be it products, services, time, labor, or information. In a sense we are all retailers of something and on occasion wholesalers also.

  • We should carry our money about in our wallets and not in our hearts.

  • Hatreds are like sharp rocks that have gotten into a shoe in that the longer they remain, the greater the pain.

  • It would be wiser to hire someone that hit a target for the first time on the hundredth attempt than the one that did so on the first.

  • Like bread to a starving man, few so lust after power as those that have it the least.

  • The most frequent traitor to visit is one’s tongue that seems, at times, willing to operate independently from the brain.

  • The only way to avoid error is to avoid living, because even the act of doing nothing is often a great error.

  • While mankind is in a fog, it sees no horizons.

  • A place for everything and everything in its place is true at least at the start.

  • When we say that too much of something isn’t good for a person, we are explaining nothing, for the term “too much” embodies the harm that something can cause when in excess. This is only a case of words about words.

  • Some times it seems as if people just reject the truth because they tire of its monotony, but that is the way truths are. Would we regard anything as being true if it were one way one day, and something else another day?

  • Every curiosity that is satisfied should open the door to another that isn’t.

  • Mischief is like an itch in that the more attention that either receives the more they tend to spread.

  • Some people can make up a half dozen beds before they can their minds.

  • When we become resigned to life, what did we resign from--non-life?

  • A vice is no less of a vice because of its short duration anymore than a bullet through the heart was harmless for its brevity.

  • Seeking safety in life above all other things is like a football team that can only field a defensive team.

  • It is true that action speaks louder than words, but most often they are not within earshot of one another.

  • Statistics is mankind’s way of lying truthfully.

  • Beliefs are passed on from one generation to another with less examination than if they were heirloom watches.

  • No matter how we ignore, hate, and try to kill an unpopular truth, it’ll still be here and healthy long after we’re all gone.

  • Toleration between two parties is all that should be expected when one of them believes certain acts are right or wrong just because they are, and the other one wants to know what the pursuit or avoidance of those acts will produce.

  • We need to keep our long-term goals in mind lest we wander aimlessly about, often away from that which we seek the most.

  • If a bear were to threaten us, we’d be able to do something. One way or another, the bear’s threat would soon cease, but if we start to fear that there is a bear everywhere, nothing can produce a remedy, and the fear of the bear may never cease.

  • Refusal of admitting fault or error puts one’s stamp of approval on either, and therefore produces one new fault or error.

  • While truth is still under consideration, a delectable lie is fatiguing tongues.

  • Regardless of one’s motive when another acts against us, we gain only by assuming a higher motive than malice.

  • Dying requires no practice, but many live as though it does.

  • More important than what we’ve become, was our means of travel.

  • Wanting to be loved by all and despised by none is like wanting the sun to shine on our fronts and backs all at once.

  • The hypocrite of a principle is its poorest teacher.

  • If we are willing to defend to the death the right of another to say something, it would be wise to first urge perpetual silence.

  • It is only the masochist that can be considered wise for not having learned from the experiences of others.

  • Nothing so oppresses mankind as does the certainty of its beliefs, and few things are as liberating as assuming all beliefs to be only assumptions held for the moment.


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