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  • Each of us functions like a filtering device for life, where most of life merely flows through us but with some small unpredictable portions of life becoming part of us.

  • Babies and young children are all rightwing politically, in that they seem to believe that they are deserving of the positive aspects of life as their birthright.

  • To most people, principles are only adornments to be tossed overboard if inconvenient to any task at hand.

  • The ultimate secret about the purpose of life may turn out to be that there are no other secrets.

  • It is the fool that doesn’t prepare for the future; and it is the fool that only prepares for the future.

  • The imitation of life yields only one more imitation of life among the many, while an original life provides the possibility of new ways that others may choose to follow.

  • It is no small wonder that so few grow old gracefully when you consider that this is only their first time.

  • A happy marriage is an oneness separated only by space.

  • Many carry their private theories through life as a kind of bulletproof vest to protect themselves against life’s penetrating realities.

  • Some live life as if they’re buying suicide on the installment plan.

  • Idealism is usually regarded as a positive attribute of mankind; but we should never forget that the ideals of some, once implemented, have resulted in mankind’s greatest atrocities.

  • If age brings wisdom, it is most often left at a door that is seldom opened.

  • It is true that into each life some rain must fall; but into many lives hailstones are also added.

  • We can’t make headway if our heads are buried in the past.

  • One of the reasons that young people are so willing to risk their lives, is that the young have so little invested in their lives compared to those much older.

  • The ending of hope is the beginning of suicidal thoughts.

  • It is interesting to speculate as to what we would do if one day we should find that there are to be no criminal acts ever committed. Would we just make new laws in order to create criminals, or would we only turn more directly against ourselves?

  • The time that we start to be wise, is the first time that we try to plumb our ignorance.

  • Instead of trying to civilize those cultures that have been isolated from us, we should first finish the largely uncompleted job on ourselves.

  • The reality of our own being is to only be found within ourselves and never in the judgments of others. Other’s judgments are only the impressions of us that are always warped by the realities within those that judge.

  • The danger in our being, is in achieving our goals and no more.

  • Wrinkles happen just like the pages of a well used book.

  • When we travel in a strange land, it is wise to stop and ask for directions if lost; however when we become lost within ourselves, no one can point the way, though most assume that there are such authorities. That place can only be found within us. This has always been so, but we just failed to look there.

  • The world should wonder what kind of people would take pride in their willful destruction of women and children and then believe that for so doing they will receive special entitlements from God.

  • The desire for revenge is a malignancy, which if not excised, can spread and consume one’s life and soul.

  • Being rational is what is supposed to distinguish mankind from all other creatures; this apparently is true even when rationality is inadvertently used only once in a lifetime.

  • Those that are the most impatient for goodness are often the ones most likely to succumb to evil means for the acquisition of goodness.

  • I’m sure that each of us knows many truths, but the problem is in knowing which ones they are.

  • Every wind is to one’s advantage when no port has been decided upon.

  • Many view life as though it were a see-saw where one can only rise because of the lowering of another.

  • As you can eat the flesh of an ox and remain weak, one can memorize the words of the wise and remain unwise.

  • Adults are made from a mysterious mixing of children, education, food, and patience.

  • Misery may love company, but success can’t escape it.

  • Every person should hope to become so lost within the things that they love, that little heed is paid to the time and space that just happens to be drifting by.

  • The fear that takes the greatest toll on us is the one that always seems ready to pounce but never does.

  • For many reasons, life can be said to be “blunderful”.


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