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  • That bigger is better is the motto of a malignancy. Do we want it be ours as well?

  • To make lies more palatable just add a frosting of truth.

  • We don’t see ourselves when we look in a mirror; all we see is the shell in which we dwell.

  • Truth, in the long run, hurts far more by its absence than its presence.

  • It is easy to regard something that destroys part of what we create as inherently evil, but perhaps the destroyer is a benefactor in disguise as is the squirrel to the oak that destroys its acorns and in the process spreads its descendents beyond the reach of the oak.

  • The most profound thing that I’ve ever heard, and that has implications through out life yet can affect life dramatically, is the very simple statement- “You can learn to like anything.”

  • Others may seem slow because they seem to understand slowly; perhaps they only regard understanding as being done when in greater depth than our more shallow accepted understandings.

  • Perhaps more of life’s problems could be solved if we only examined more closely those things that we call “silly questions”.

  • The truths that most need examining are the ones we label “basic”.

  • One thing that can be said for there being no afterlife is that at last we will all finally be equal and will remain so.

  • Our being loved is life’s strongest affirmation that we are of value.

  • One thing about absolute nonsense is that if it is said often enough by enough people, the “non” disappears.

  • We would all be humble if we would only recognize that our abilities are pitifully few while our inabilities are near infinite.

  • The shelf-life of an untruth is often as long as the lifespan of the shelf.

  • When one’s world is little larger than one’s neighborhood, one gains little perspective as to the enormity of the Earth. Those that stare into the Universe are aware of the irrelevant smallness of the Earth. The same is true with our sphere of knowledge. The narrower that sphere of knowledge, the grater one’s delusion of knowing much; the greater that sphere of knowledge, the greater the awareness of how little we know.

  • We all believe in progress but differ in the direction for finding it.


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Page 61 of  131

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