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  • If one had a dog, and it constantly did what we didn’t want, many would get rid of the dog eventually and get another; strange as it may seem, many think of God in this way, and dismiss Him after a while because He doesn’t do what we want or expect.

  • It is interesting to wonder why no religion is based on an entity that has ever been recorded as laughing.

  • One interesting thing about the pursuit of wisdom and understanding is that the individual’s behavior becomes increasingly like the behavior endorsed by the world’s major religions.

  • With many, the license to violence is granted in the name of a theology.

  • Perhaps God let us invent the computer to keep us forever humble.

  • Since the truth of the precepts of religions cannot be verified, they represent the perfect tools to divide the world’s peoples into warring camps instead of uniting them to combat the verifiable threats to our future.

  • If we assume that God gave us life, then we should regard it as a loan, subject to recall, and not a possession for all time.

  • For us to claim that we can understand the mind of God is like a fish believing that it understands a human’s mind. Those, that claim that they do, are either deceiving themselves or others, and probably both.

  • Those that claim that it is illogical to assume that there is a god that created all that we know, have fallen into a trap; just look about, and it is obvious that everything, that was not created by mankind, is also illogical. To restrict a consideration of God, to only that which is logical, is to restrict discovery to only that which man has created.

  • Perhaps within us is a path that is specific for each of us and one that leads to God; if so, then this is the path that each of us must follow if ever hoping to find God; as it is unlikely that we can ever reach God by coming to Him in herds.

  • Why is it that that we have such a difficult time in considering the hypothesis that the after-life may be exactly like the before-life?

  • Perhaps what we call the soul isn’t a thing but a process, a process, like a rainbow, that looks like a thing but is really just a process of light being refracted.

  • To not be filled with wonder, about the things that God has created, as well as what man has created, is like drinking lemonade without the sugar.

  • Just because you put your trust in God, doesn’t mean that you should become brain dead in the process.

  • If the religious zealots had their way, they would also censor what we dream as well as what we see.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 61 of  67

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