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  • Unless we are willing to totally let go of the past, we can never be 100% in the present.

  • The fear of our being different from others, forges chains that prevent our drifting away on our own course. After we become adults, those chains provide so much security than few of us are willing to break free into the unknown to find the true-self that we abandoned so long ago.

  • Few words seem as dreaded as the word “Why?”, yet no word offers so much opportunity to understand one another. Is this because of our fear of understanding ourselves, or the fear that we can’t answer the question?

  • Terrorists seldom terrorize as much as does our imagination.

  • Very often, the most difficult thing for us to find, turns out to be the obvious.

  • No one can leap long while thinking short.

  • It is dishonest to look for the reasons for something that we’ve done, when those reasons didn’t exist before we acted.

  • The dark abyss starts to beckon to those that long stare into it.

  • If individuals were to be judged on the beliefs and behavior of the groups that they’re in, most individuals would be judged to be mad.

  • Love often entails withholding that which the loved one wants most.

  • Our attitudes tend to function like mirrors in that the attitude that we have is most often reflected in another.

  • If you ever stand for anything, you’re sure to test the winds of controversy; like the only way a flagpole can ever escape the wind is by lying down.

  • Mankind seems to always have had an obsession to discover the principle that would bring perfect order out of the greatest chaos.

  • Are those that claim that they fear nothing expressing extreme cowardice or extreme bravery?

  • Broken bones heal faster and more completely than broken reputations.

  • One of the most difficult things to understand is someone who says “I know I’m going to regret this but I‘m going to do it anyway.” What better evidence can there be that the person’s body is ruling the mind?

  • Those that turn away from temptation seldom forget where it was.

  • Dreams at night might arise because the gatekeepers of our subconscious also sleep, allowing their prisoners to escape.

  • There is always someone that will bring up some remote possibility as a creditable argument against what is probable. It is as though someone believes in the possibility of a lightening bolt striking the person about to shoot him.

  • It is easier for most to accept that which is false if they discovered it, than that which is generally believed to be true but discovered by others.

  • We conceal far more from ourselves than we conceal from others.

  • One’s curiosity should be satisfied only in the sense that any other appetite is satisfied. Because curiosity and breakfast satisfied us this morning, doesn’t mean that both won’t demand satisfactions later.

  • The heaviest baggage that we carry through life isn’t our prior failed relationships, but the baggage within us of envy, pride, hate, fear, and ignorance.

  • The greatest obstacles in our paths are those that exist only in our fears.

  • Those that are persuaded by force are persuaded in appearance only.

  • The need for self-discipline increases with the accumulation of wealth; those that believe otherwise are likely to become victims of their own desires.

  • Those that are annoyed by small things will find that their happiness will become just another small thing.

  • So much of what we do, and so much of what we have, is so absolutely superfluous to our happiness, that each of us should wonder if wisdom is but a rare and fleeting occurrence.

  • Are we becoming so inert that we not only want to be delivered from temptation that we now want temptation delivered to us?

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Page 62 of  161

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