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  • The dreams that we left behind have left their footprints in our future.

  • We should always remember that promises do not describe the future; rather promises only describe today’s intentions.

  • Many of life’s gifts should be regarded as wages for performances well done.

  • It is said that before we can understand another that we need to walk a mile in his shoes; but actually, we also need to walk the very same mile, a requirement that can seldom be met.

  • Flattery is sweet to swallow but is nothing that sustains.

  • Love, which is expressed to us only after we have first expressed it to another, resembles an echo in that we receive only that which we first sent.

  • An agreement by two, broken by one, is an agreement to none.

  • In a long-life, we will be deceived by many; but the deceiver that is most common and harmful will be ourselves.

  • Sometimes if you give a man enough rope, he’ll hang you.

  • Many of our pains are only stimuli that have been magnified by our fears.

  • Many of our pleasures are only stimuli that have been magnified by our desires.

  • We shouldn’t find fault with what we don’t understand; but further consideration reveals that we don’t understand anything, not even ourselves.

  • The doorway to intellectual growth is labeled “doubt”.

  • When one is in need, but doesn’t transgress, then virtue is present; however, there is no virtue in not transgressing when there is no need to do so.

  • “Fair” was created for games, not for life.

  • Many lies are like mimes in that close examination reveals that they are both fakes.

  • For some, having enough money would be impossible, even on their deathbeds.

  • Never expect to dip pure water from a fouled stream.

  • Since many say that “It’s not the gift but the thought that counts.” next time try just giving a thought and see what happens.

  • It is easy to mistake determination as being genius.

  • We are little less free when we are chained than if we feel the need to carry the untethered chain with us.

  • Our greatest wealth is not found in our possessions but in the satisfaction that we have with what we already possess.

  • When at sea, the North Star is useful for navigation; when living life, the “Desire Star” and the “Fear Star” are both poor navigational aids; this is because much of what we desire we don’t need and is often very harmful, and much of what we need we don’t desire; and much of what we fear poses no danger and much of what poses a danger we don’t fear.

  • A pat on a friend’s back is an encouragement; a pat on an enemy’s back is an assault.

  • Coins and arguments always have two sides.

  • The enemy without is less to be feared than the enemy within.


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