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  • t is easy to feel gratitude for the blessings that we have received; it is the extraordinary individual that feels gratitude for the much greater number of maladies for which we havenít received.

  • Even if we were certain that life had no purpose, it would still be wise to assume that it does, for without believing that life has a purpose, we would be like a rudderless ship in a vast and nameless sea.

  • Those, who are fond of believing that those who have different beliefs than theirs will go to Hell, may be theological sadists.

  • The expectations of many are that their prayers should be answered like ordering pizza for home delivery.

  • No matter how much we want to, and no matter how much we might try, it will be impossible to repay God for His gifts to us.

  • Those that believe that God would have sentenced just one soul to an eternity of suffering in the flames of Hell, have placed their worship in a god that possesses more cruelty than the total cruelty of all of the cruelest men of mankindís history.

  • Is it really a good person that will only do good unless rewarded for doing so or for avoiding punishment for not doing so? Those that function this way are merely bartering for their own benefit. A good person is one that would do good even if certain that there was no Heaven or Hell.

  • There is a vast difference between the moral fiber of one who was reared to be considerate of others and does so, and one that was brought up in the absence of being taught to be considerate of others, but is considerate of others anyway; the first did only what was taught; the second did what was discovered as being right.

  • The two great questions that theologies should try to answer are:

  • 1)What is the nature of God?

  • 2)What does God expect of mankind?

  • Theologies will never answer these questions because they assume that they already have the answers, and that the answers are obvious.

  • It is narrow-minded to blame God for the trials of life unless we also credit Him for all of lifeís blessings.

  • Anyone that believes that they understand God has badly underrated Him.

  • What we need are far fewer God fearing people and far more God loving people.

  • Just like with the ďPeter PrincipleĒ each of us tends to rise to our own level of incompetence in relating to God.

  • If God only created Adam and Eve, then it is easy to see why those of today have so many defects; inbreeding will do it almost every time.

  • Oneís faith in God is no more evident than when one does his best, yet fails, and then truly concludes that this was Godís Will.

  • The main thing wrong with ďevolutionĒ isnít that it didnít happen; the problem is that most minds havenít evolved enough to grasp how it explains what we are.

  • Governments and theologies are like two bookends designed to keep us where they want us to be.

  • There seems to be those that assume that Godís Will occurs regardless of what we do or donít do; to suppose this is to believe that Godís Will doesnít require that we first do our best to solve our own problems; such an assumption means that God is expected to do all of the heavy lifting and that we remain mere spectators of our lives and those about us.

  • The concept of sin may be more founded on an attempt of a culture to maintain itself than the benefiting of either God or the individual.

  • Those that reject the idea that the Universe has always existed, simply because it must have come from somewhere, need to also reject the existence of God because He also must have come from somewhere.

  • From a great distance, such as from the Moon, the difference between a ten foot tree and a twenty foot tree would be virtually indistinguishable; and so it probably is with God; the difference, between one with an IQ of 50 and another with an IQ of 100, is also probably not recognized as a difference to Him.


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