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  • As counterfeit money is most dangerous when it comes closest to resembling genuine currency, so also are untruths most dangerous to that which is true when they come closest to resembling truth.

  • To what extent we can genuinely understand ourselves in the present; to that extent we can understand others in the past as well as in the future.

  • It is disquieting at times to wonder if the day after we cease to exist whether the world will continue as though we never left and even perhaps as though we never were.

  • Of course normal people find beauty to be only skin deep; those that regard our insides as beautiful are definitely not those that I want to know.

  • Few things are as immediately destructive to success as is the belief that one is invincible; that one has it ďin the bagĒ, or that the problem, two steps ahead, is going to be the real challenge.

  • There are those that were born into wealth that behave as though they were the ones that produced it; instead it is more likely that it was because of the wealth that they were produced.

  • There are many that believe in life after death and many that donít believe in life before death; for the latter, whether there is or isnít life after death would seem to matter little.

  • We are occasionally presented with an answer to a question that is unasked; when this happens, that answer, instead of being ignored, should recognized and become the mother and father of several new questions.

  • Whenever we make a choice, we risk making a mistake, but there is also a chance of making an even greater mistake by being indecisive and doing nothing; very often it is better to act quickly and be in error then to not act at all.

  • Many problems are like a grain of sand; impossible to ignore if getting into the eye, but nearly impossible to notice if the eyes are kept closed in their presence.

  • When oneís dreams get deleted by life, they canít be recovered from the recycle bin.

  • The greatest impediment to doing something is usually the belief that one canít.

  • The source of all perfection is not discovered in how well something is done, but in how we define perfection.

  • We like, we love, and we hate far fewer things than we believe; most of the time, itís the idea about these things that has captured our emotions, not the thing itself.


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Page 63 of  131

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