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  • Perhaps it is wiser, not to live so that we go to Heaven, but to live so that Heaven comes to us.

  • The talents that God gave each of us, were intended to be used to their fullest, and never stored away as something to be hidden because they might set us apart from others.

  • Our morals tend to be wonderful things to impose on others but theirs are terrible things if imposed on us.

  • Pornography may be art to some and religion only pornography to others.

  • Maybe God is just a part of Nature; but unlike the rest of Nature, this is a part that is not indifferent to us.

  • Those that are benevolent, in order to attain Heaven, deserve it less than those that are benevolent in order to help others, for the former act to help themselves first and others last.

  • The belief in an afterlife may be only the self-delusion that the individual is too important to not continue to exist somewhere.

  • That religions provide benefits beyond the grave is hypothetical; that religions restrain some from harming others is probable; that religions help many cope with the death of loved ones is certain, and that religions often benefit at the expense of their followers is undeniable.

  • Those, that claim to be scientists, that endorse the concept of Creationism, are apparently challenged in being able to distinguish between evidence and conclusions. In this case, their conclusions are the evidence, and this has nothing to do with science but a great deal to do with religion.

  • A magician causes something to appear in one unexpected place when we know that it must have existed elsewhere just before; in government, they make things appear where we expect them, that we know never existed anywhere just before.

  • We are told to fear God and to love God; but how is this possible? We can fear God and profess to love God, but that is entirely different.

  • No two people have ever worshiped the same God.

  • Nothing in our evolution begins to explain our affinity for music, as the many different kinds of music are mostly unrelated to any sound that could be heard in nature today or the past. It is as though God decided to give us a unique source for life’s enrichments.

  • Secrets are only kept when told to God.

  • The argument of Intelligent Design is based on no observations except the observations about their conclusions as to how evolution couldn’t have occurred.


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Page 63 of  67

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