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  • To fulfill great ambitions one must make many small triumphs.

  • We never know beforehand whether our dreams are attainable or not, but we do know that by our inaction we will never know.

  • Tomorrow sleeps in the cradle that we rock today.

  • Few things bring on so much of what we don’t like to hear as our saying whatever we like to say.

  • Life is the kind of game where if you don’t like the cards with which you were dealt, you can make new cards.

  • Those with only one hand can still clap if they find another with only one hand.

  • Blind trust in others is foolish. Blind trust in oneself is a calamity.

  • Many seem to have come into life the same way as has many Christmas toys that say “Batteries not included”.

  • It is probable that earlier civilizations caused more extinctions than modern man; however, we do it with far greater efficiency.

  • Time seems so abundant that we are willing to waste it until we glimpse its ending only to wish for that which we once wasted so willingly.

  • Few things so magnify our failings as our efforts to hide them, because those efforts reveal our own shame in failing.

  • We deceive ourselves grossly when we start believing that our future is entirely within our control, like a mariner that would believe that calms and winds can be created at will.

  • Deception is like a flame being added to a fuse in that it keeps creating more of itself until finally exploding.

  • It is impossible to teach wisdom to the young, but not impossible to teach how to act wisely through our examples.

  • We cling to many untruths only because they tend to support our many delusions.

  • Each life is but a slender thread of existence of unknown length that we each should sew into the fabric of mankind to strengthen it.

  • It is a mistake to believe that authorities are always expressing the truth; all authorities can ever do is express their opinions as to what is the truth.

  • Every instance, no matter how small, of believing ourselves to be superior or inferior to another or another group, only tends to divide us from ourselves which eventually results in conflict.

  • No eye sees further than when looking up to the stars.

  • A long lasting love isn’t like the love experienced at the start of a marriage anymore than a well liked book is liked because of reading the first chapter over and over; a long lasting love is like happily continuing on with the chapters until finally and sadly the chapters are all gone.

  • Those that speak ill of those not present stab them in the back with words.

  • Each of our lives is like a spark from a flint- momentary in its existence but also capable of igniting and producing benefits that last well beyond even the memory of what caused them.

  • We should minimally live our lives in such a manner that we aren’t referred to later on as bad examples for others to avoid.

  • It may be that the only purpose of life is only the purpose that we place within it.

  • Few things create as much anxiety as the uncertainty of our futures, even though our futures must always remain uncertain. Because of this anxiety we are often prevented from acting in ways that increase the probability of a favorable outcome, without realizing that certainty will always remain only a seductive delusion.

  • We need to be careful where we direct our interests, for that direction is the one in which our character will follow.


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Page 64 of  139

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