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  • We are all as light bulbs in that we need to be put in a place where there is the power to illuminate that which is within.

  • Personal integrity guarantees that we won’t become dichotomies.

  • When weather systems pass by, we just have to put up with them and adjust accordingly. We certainly don’t expect weather systems to adjust to our preferences. In much the same way, each of us is a weather system, and we shouldn’t expect other weather systems to adjust to our wants any more than we adjust to their wants.

  • We should never get to old or too learned to freely ask why.

  • Nothing so saps the creative spirit than the concern about what others may think.

  • We all have been urged to make a will so that our estates won’t have to go through probate; but whether we have a will or not, we can’t avoid leaving our life’s influences to later generations. And, like material wealth, our non-material accumulations will vary vastly from that which is strongly negative to that which is strongly positive.

  • Those that live life only for some distant goal are like mountain climbers that climb mountains only for the purpose of standing on its top.

  • We should all be thankful for death, for were it not for death, we’d have to contend with all of those prior generations that claim certainty as to what’s best for mankind. Thankfully, those of future generations will be spared our certainties as well.

  • Mankind isn’t held back by its lack of intellect; it is held back by our lack of developing that vast resource of intellect that is present in every culture.

  • The courage that we might assume by what another does, may only be the act of someone, wise enough to ignore that which others fear, in knowing that it presents no peril.

  • Perhaps it is mankind’ curse to be always seeking the meaning of life, when life’s meaning may be only in the searching for meaning.

  • There are those among us that are like Dracula in that they unfailingly flee from the light of enlightenment.

  • Isn’t it clear that evolutionist regard man’s evolution was away from God when they say that man descended from the great apes instead of saying that man ascended from them?

  • Our fears can be near infinite in number and never ending until death; but the consequences of what we fear are small in number, and in most days are none at all.

  • The blackest days are those when the sun rises but hope doesn’t.

  • All of one’s virtues can be completely hidden by the shadow cast by a single vice.

  • We are ill-advised to ever judge the life of another, for no matter how well we examine the shoe of that person, we would be unable to tell if that shoe fits well or painfully. A life is infinitely more complex than a shoe.

  • We are vain and dishonest when we take credit for what others have done; but those that take pride in their race, inherited wealth, family religious affiliation, looks, physical health, and intellect, steal pride for themselves for what others before have done.

  • We often read too much into what others do to us, as though they must have acted with malice. Likewise, a tree bears a stone no malice when its root penetrates and breaks it, as it is the tree’s nature to do so, and the stone’s nature to be broken.

  • Memories are fragments from our past that are taken into our mental repair shops to be constantly remolded into newly desired possessions.

  • Few things will so alter the world around each of us as altering the world within us.

  • It is always too soon to say “I understand.”

  • Perhaps when we contend that man is a rational animal, we might be closer to the truth in saying that man is a rationalizing animal.

  • Were we to all to think alike, what could we add to one another other than our bodies?

  • If we are the same tomorrow as we are today, we should be required to take the class over.

  • If we want to move forward, we need to be willing to abandon ourselves.

  • We are much more corrupted by wealth than its lack, corrupted by power more than weakness, corrupted by certainty more than doubt, and corrupted by fame more than being common.

  • The happy life that is supposed to result from owning some particular thing that is advertised, is an apparition that is revealed as such soon after the thing is possessed.

  • There usually is a lot more accomplished when a chore is disguised as a game, and a lot less accomplished when a chore looks like work.

  • Very few of us are qualified to rule over others since so very few of us are skilled in ruling ourselves.

  • The more we think about beating others, the less able we become in doing our best.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 64 of  161

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