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  • The future isnít as distant as we often suppose; it is so close that it comes to us a second at a time and becomes the past just as quickly.

  • Do you need to be eighteen or older to commit adultery?

  • A single source of light will bring light into the darkness, but no amount of darkness will bring darkness where there is still light.

  • It is easy to confuse precision with accuracy; one can be precisely inaccurate.

  • If we believe: ďI think, therefore I am.Ē Is true, can we thus assume that those that never thought, never were?

  • There are often several sides to any argument, and often they are all incorrect.

  • Whenever we encounter something that is certain to be impossible, it is near certain that all we are referring to are words about other words; anything that is thought to be impossible in reality, is unknowable.

  • Those that believe that the odds are always against them overlook the fact that we make the odds.

  • Why is it that we hold truth and honesty to be of such high values when we generally avoid those individuals that relentlessly exhibit these values; it is obvious that successful social relations requires much dishonesty as to beliefs, and lies about our feelings on matters that are contrary to others?

  • When many stumble over the truth, they donít just pick themselves up and go on; they usually pick themselves up and curse what they fell over.

  • If one tries often to do that which others say cannot be done, eventually one of these things will be done while the one that did this never will be.

  • One should never accept blindly the opinions of any authority on any subject; rather such opinions should be held only as assumptions to be accepted or rejected later by oneís own experiences.

  • It is said that the wisest person if the one that knows what he doesnít know, but is it possible to know such a thing since it is impossible for mankind to comprehend even the smallest bit of what is knowable and none of that which will always be unknowable?

  • The values of all of us are varied and are also relative to circumstances. Almost all of us would value a ingot of gold more highly than a pine tree log, that is unless one were making the choice while in the ocean and a mile from shore.

  • Itís amazing what we learned after we knew it all.

  • We clearly acknowledge that those in want will never be happy, yet our culture breeds wanting followed by acquisitions as a sure route to happiness.


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