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  • Even though there may have been an original sin, there have been innumerable improvements since.

  • Most are unwilling to sell their souls; but they usually arenít opposed to renting them out for an hour or two.

  • Faith is mankindís defense against the fear of what is unknowable.

  • It is possible that there is no Devil, and if not, ignorance will serve us the same.

  • The most unfortunate thing about theologies is that as they are shown to be false, that they then create the belief that the existence of God is also false.

  • Granting absolution at death is mankindís ultimate power grab; it indicates that man knows more about who should reside with God, than does God.

  • Whatever the soul is, it is less likely that it was issued at conception than its being forged by life itself.

  • Many theologies regard God as being obsessed with minute details, in other words, they regard God as the ultimate nitpicker.

  • Few things so anger as for it to be shown that there is no logical basis for a belief.

  • It has been the tendency of many, when encountering something that wasnít understood, to attribute that to either God or the Devil; therefore whenever scientific explanations are expressed, that clarify what wasnít understood, and the explanations are then taken as attacks on their beliefs.

  • Theologies are the editorials of religions, and are nothing but opinions presented as certainties.

  • Discipleship is based on the ancient principle that we must do them before they do us.

  • The main function of a theology is to create fears and desires of what is absolutely unknowable in order to regulate the behavior of its followers and to be rewarded for doing so.

  • Theologians are religious taxidermists that take an image of God and stuff it with whatever they want in order to suit their own requirements.

  • The lifespan of any religion is largely determined by the number of certainties that they hold that cannot be shown to be verifiably false. This explains why most of the religions that have survived centuries have the concept of life after death.

  • The atheist that strongly proclaims his beliefs has some doubts about them that he wishes to silence.

  • The greatest influence in causing individuals to become atheists isnít scientific discovery; rather it is the fundamentalist insistence that others should believe that which is demonstrably false.

  • Many that profess to believe ďThy will be done on Earth as it is in HeavenĒ arenít willing to take any chances; so instead, they implement their own versions of Heaven here on Earth.


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