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  • Dreams are the raw materials that we should use in molding our futures.

  • One thing that never breaks, no matter how much it is stretched, is our imagination.

  • We show a higher form of knowledge when we are asked a question, when we know the other person doesn’t know the answer, when we merely say that we also don’t know when that is true instead of faking knowledge.

  • It is best to live life by volumes instead of lengths.

  • If we present ourselves falsely to others, their acceptance is that of a phantom instead of who we really are, something that can never be satisfying for anyone’s need for acceptance of who we really are.

  • It is nice to have great intellect in pursuing one’s goals, but having great courage to continue trying after failures is even more important.

  • Loving, but not letting that love be known, is like growing flowers in one’s private basement.

  • We should never take offence at what another says, because if said with malice our being offended only rewards the offender, and if said without malice, our being offended would punish the other unjustly.

  • With some people the saying should go: “I think, therefore I don’t act”.

  • After a great conquest, be sure to eat your dinner with your back in a corner.

  • Success most often comes from knowing when to start and not knowing when to stop.

  • It is wise, when shopping, to wear one’s best eyeglasses and one’s most effective earplugs.

  • To be objective, we should never lay claim to a truth but only a discovery that may be closer to the truth.

  • One way to discover our delusions is to practice in thought and speech substituting the word “exists” for the word “is”. If they don’t mean exactly the same thing, then some degree of delusion is present.

  • Offering help is like air flowing over embers-a little rekindles one’s striving,-a lot extinguishes.

  • The best that we could do yesterday is not necessarily the best that we can do today, and the best that we can do today isn’t necessarily the best that we will be able to do tomorrow.

  • If we ever chose to grant great power to any position in a society, we should first imagine what would happen should the most unethical person that we can imagine rise to that position, because eventually that will happen.

  • We should look on talent as a raw material, not a finished product, as it still must be forged into something useful to have any value.

  • If most of what we do fails, that’s the best reason to do more in order to have more non-failures.

  • Obstacles in life have one important benefit; they will tend to deter those that follow after we pass.

  • Just because some decide to kill time, doesn’t mean that time won’t finally reciprocate.

  • The most difficult opponent is the one that possesses power and patience in using it; from this we should learn that our own power should also be tethered by patience to be used only when most opportune.

  • Forgiveness is expressed more often than given.


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Page 65 of  139

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