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  • Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all victims of our own beliefs, and generally we are victimized to the extent that those beliefs conflict with verifiable reality.

  • If one must choose between conformity and conscience, choose the one that will accompany you into sleep.

  • The rain that visits each life is only rain, a substance that always evaporates after first cleansing what it touched.

  • It is wise to not condemn others because of their beliefs because as more is discovered we are likely to find that nearly all beliefs, including all of our own, are in some way very mistaken.

  • How can we be so shallow in our feelings of gratitude for another‘s existence, to not also feel gratitude for all of the events that produced that person?

  • During the time that Hitler was in power, most Americans were scornful of Hitler’s absurd claim that Arians were the master race, however, many of those same Americans had, and have yet today, no difficulty in believing in the equally absurd notion than there is an inferior race. What is often ignored is that some sub-cultures are less able to adjust to changing times, and because of this those sub-cultures reflect ways that seem inferior to those that accept change. Americans need to be aware that the rapidity of change now occurring poses a risk for our culture also becoming inferior to those that welcome and promote change.

  • Abiding by our convictions while trying to abide by convention is often like trying to ride two monocycles at the same time.

  • When we believe that “We’ve finally arrived”, it is very much like having arrived at a mountain’s summit; every thing is now downhill.

  • Few things create as much impediment to understanding one another as when we try to justify our emotions as being logically derived. Our emotions are just a property of ourselves and not a product of rational thought. To justify an emotion is as futile as trying to justify the existence of yellow.

  • If we fail to stand up for what we believe in, who will? If we are unwilling to stand up for our beliefs, the beliefs must be worth very little.

  • Some are so emotionally starved that they find it impossible to believe that anyone would act with goodwill towards them without a selfish motive.

  • Our fears most attract those things that we fear; the things that we’ve learned to not fear pass us by as strangers.

  • No matter how hard reality beats on their doors, there will always be those that will suppose that they are the doors across the hall.

  • The eyes for reading between the lines are more prone to misreading than the eyes for reading the lines.

  • Usually when one has tried everything to solve a problem, one has only tried the most obvious things.

  • The mere fact that we can digest animals is no more an indication that we should than is the ability to kill one another an indication that we should.


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Page 65 of  131

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