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  • Many are attracted to religion because it gives them a high platform from which to look down on others.

  • One of the most obvious things about God is that none of us are competent to judge Him; yet theologians never tire of doing exactly that when they make judgments as what His judgments will be of us.

  • It would be easier to take other religions seriously if they werenít so hilariously absurd. Do you suppose they think the same about ours?

  • Those that believe in an afterlife, one way or another, will not be disappointed as to its existence. Those that believe that there is no afterlife might be.

  • The atheist and the religious fanatic share a common belief,- that they canít be mistaken about something that will be forever unverifiable.

  • Those that cast evolution aside because it is only a theory of how man evolved from a monkey have understood evolution about as much as those that proclaim to understand computers as being only machines that handle one and zeros.

  • The strength of our beliefs is shown by its ability to stand alone without needing to be supported by others that share the same beliefs.

  • There are many religious leaders that would have us deny the realities about us that can be verified to exist; it is as though they believe that God created much that is about us but we are supposed to deny that it exists. This seems perilously close to denying Godís powers while exalting their own.

  • It seems strange how the righteous seem to derive pleasure in believing that the unrighteous will spend an eternity in Hell.

  • If the trend of today continues, the fact that the meek shall inherit the earth wonít be a recommendation for meekness.

  • Theologies seem to operate on the assumption that God has some kind of enormous ego problem that constantly requires praise from mere humans.

  • The way that theologies evolve would cause one to believe that God is really a work in progress.


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