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  • The similarities between ourselves and those that we regard as very different are probably at least 90%. The remaining 10% is what we focus on instead, and this is the source of most of mankindís problems. Perhaps if we focused on the 90% and learn to appreciate the diversity of our differences, strife would end.

  • Although we can never un-live yesterday we can use yesterday today to prevent the problems that would have been in our tomorrows.

  • When something weighs heavily on oneís mind, it helps to find someone to share the load.

  • It is never possible to understand the nature of what itís like to be a mouse or an eagle; in fact we never even understand what itís like to just be a member of the opposite sex. Because of this, we should never pretend to understand the many things that we have never experienced. It is the fear of the unknown that is primarily responsible for our delusion of believing that we understand that which is impossible to understand. By not believing that we understand that which cannot be understood, we leave ourselves open to accepting the differences between ourselves and all others, and to recognizing the beauty of that which is unique within each of us.

  • One should be less concerned about what is left behind in a will and more concerned about what is gained in life through oneís will.

  • Few are as wise as the fool that knows when to remain silent.

  • When confronting a seemingly impenetrable barrier, we should imitate the drill bit; it doesnít instantly penetrate as a bullet does, but penetrates one tiny bit at a time until through.

  • Though we may consider ourselves wise, we are not wise all of the time as shown by the many unwise acts that each of us commit. For this reason, we shouldnít consider another unwise because of one foolish act.

  • It is wise to assume that every criticism is a truth and every compliment a possible truth.

  • Much of our unspoken reasoning is in trying to persuade ourselves that we acted reasonably even when reason was never present at the time of our acting.

  • It isnít true that every cloud has a silver lining because for the few that are prepared, itís a gold lining.

  • If a person establishes a long-term goal and is determined to achieve that goal regardless of what happens, then one will find that before its attainment, one can truly say: ďI donít care what I want.Ē and ďI donít care what I fear.Ē Once this happens, a sense of freedom ensues that is unlikely to be achieved otherwise.

  • It seems as though some think that childish behavior will take a few years off of their appearance.

  • Those that plan to love their neighbors as they love themselves should very thoroughly inspect a neighborhood before moving in.

  • The words that we should never doubt are the words spoken to us in anger.

  • There are those that not only count their chickens before they hatch, they even count their eggs before theyíre laid.

  • Any lie can become a general truth if wrapped in such a way that it promises great benefits to potential believers.

  • There is a common theory that we must feel insecure in order for us to be spurred to do our best, however once a person tastes the sweetness of achievement, the spurs can be left off forever.

  • Beware of those that call themselves critics, because they feel themselves anointed by God to say what everyone else should believe.

  • When one causes another to do harm, they commit harm by proxy.

  • When we hear, we reduce doubt; when we read we suspect;when we see, we believe; when we do, we know.


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