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  • Most personal mischief is a result of personal boredom; but for calamity, few things will top that which results from several teenage boys dealing with boredom.

  • One way that individuals defend what they are, is by attacking those that are different in any way as though those differences were contagious.

  • Spontaneity is a traitor to the occult life.

  • If there are any second-class citizens in our country, it would be those that regard any other group as less than first-class.

  • When man grows tired of trying to conquer the world about him, he will finally be free to focus on conquering the world within himself.

  • In the long history of mankind, there is no doubt but what much of mankindís misery was the result of deprivation of the material things necessary for life; but, it is highly irrational, in a time of great plenty, to believe that great possessing will bring great happiness.

  • When anyone claims that something is pornographic, they are contending no more than their distaste for something and their wish to ban others from its exposure. This like someone that dislikes broccoli saying that it is pornographic and others should never eat it.

  • What we are, at first, seems so simple as to need no explanation, yet the workings of only our minds are so complex that it is probable that mankind will never unravel its complexities.

  • To conquer fear doesnít mean that one will live in a world that cannot produce harm. The wise person accepts that danger and plans for its avoidance. Conquering fear means conquering the fears originating inside of us in our imaginings of what might be.

  • Hearing the details of anotherís travels might be interesting if they didnít constantly remind us as to what of life we havenít experienced.

  • Arsenic is a poison of the body, and fear a poison of the soul.

  • Our imaginations often take us to worlds that never were or ever will be, but imaginations also take us into the worlds we will live in tomorrow.

  • One unfortunate thing about growing old is that we tend to stop asking why things are and start complaining about why things arenít.

  • Those that think highly of the idea that oneís mind should be totally free are describing some kind of mental illness yet to be discovered, for we all have constraints on what our minds can do. What should really be sought are minds that are unaware of any limits so that thoughts can expand to their maximum.

  • If mankind should ever stumble upon perfection, the first thing that would be done is to try and improve it.

  • We generally have two persistent afflictions-actions without thought and thoughts without action.

  • The main problem of trying to be like someone else, is that we never know enough of another to do this successfully; all one does is imitate anotherís public behavior, which is just a hint of what the total person is.

  • Those that believe that everything of an earlier time was superior to what is now, are cursed by a blindness of the mind.

  • The greatest nightmare in life is that none of our dreams will be realized.

  • In America, each person can be the architect and builder of his own future, though many seem unaware of this, and believe themselves to be only the material to be used for the construction of anotherís future.

  • It would be impossible to relate to another all the steps they should take if they ever want to be as we are, because even we are unaware of all of the relevant steps that we have taken.

  • Each baby is a ďyea voteĒ on the future.

  • The most important ingredient of happiness is contentment. The most important intent in advertising is to create discontentment, and therefore unhappiness in oneís present state.

  • Compatibility doesnít require agreement on everything, only that there is not disagreement on most things.

  • Those that canít remember the past might have fun repeating it.

  • Do we decry disillusionment because we so love the illusions of our youth that we feel lost in their absence?

  • There are cultural neuroses that divide mankind far more than does language.

  • Many seem surprised when they discover that some happening is the result of the law of unintended consequences; but if one steps back and examines life, it is easy to see that this is most of what life is.

  • Great anticipation works like a siphon taking from our reservoir of future pleasures.

  • Itís no wonder that life goes faster as one grows older since itís all downhill.

  • The easiest lesson to learn is the lesson on quitting. One of the most difficult lessons to learn is the lesson on persevering after defeat.

  • The dreads that we had in the days that are long gone were but phantoms that disappeared even from our memories the same way that the dreads of our todays and tomorrows will also.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 66 of  161

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