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  • The truth of the statement “Seek and ye shall find.” Is never more obvious than when someone is seeking a logical sounding reason for a totally irrational belief.

  • Success rarely comes to those that won’t go the extra mile; success often comes to those that go the extra mile; success almost always comes to those that don’t stop at mileposts.

  • We should never hesitate to ask the question for which we know that there are no answers-at least not yet.

  • Accomplishments mean nothing; plans to accomplish mean nothing; the only thing that means anything is discovered in the accomplishing..

  • In the laboratory, when things don’t go as planned, something more important is often discovered; perhaps life is just a larger laboratory where we need to look at of our failures as our new opportunities.

  • Equality is a concept that excites mankind’s imaginings but realities pay it no heed.

  • If we want to live happily ever after, we first need to find out “after what”.

  • Feminists seem to be women decrying being women that are trapped inside of women’s bodies.

  • A president once said that repetition will not transform a lie into a truth; this is true, however repetition will cause most to believe that a lie is a truth. .

  • Wondering who is smart among us and who is stupid is insignificant when we consider how little all of us know or understand; this is like an effort to try and discover which are the smart and which are the stupid ants,

  • Philanthropy is but stealth egoism even when anonymous.

  • When theologies grow old and die, they gradually become the myths of the next generations, and eventually the myths become mere superstitions.

  • What better evidence is there of success going to one’s head, than when a successful person suddenly becomes an oracle on anything that is chosen.

  • Most beliefs, that many claim willing to die for, are only hypotheses that in a few generations may not even be footnotes to history.

  • Even though a rose by any other name is still a rose, few if any would want a rose named belch.

  • When anyone says “I think that I want a-‘it can be anything’”, the word “think” is misused, for even the lowest of animals “think” the same way in moving towards what they want. The person should say “I want a ‘it can be anything.’” Feelings are not thoughts not even when we have feelings about our thoughts.

  • In America today, nothing seems like success unless there is excess.

  • That the more you know. the more that you are aware of how little you know, is easily demonstrated by: The degree of uncertainty, as to the time of day, is directly proportional to the number of clocks in one’s home.

  • If it were true that what you don’t know won’t hurt you, then there would be no such thing as food poisoning and no small print on contracts.

  • At times we may wonder if there is still a fine line between normalcy and madness, or whether the line was always just another hallucination too.

  • If one kills time with a book, should the book be declared a lethal weapon?

  • It is a blessing to the American economy that the vast majority of Americans believe that money can buy happiness.

  • Because we can subjugate animals to our needs, it is easy to see why we regard ourselves as their superiors; this questionable reasoning is also the kind of reasoning that produced masters and slaves.


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Page 66 of  131

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