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  • Some people seem to believe that the purpose of God is mankind.

  • Even if God created the Universe, there is no reason why we can’t also create a small portion of it and experience some of the Devine in doing so.

  • As long as individuals are prone to be certain of knowing what is right and wrong, conflict will follow and result in less right and more wrong, according to the judgments of all parties.

  • To imagine that we can understand God is like an ant imagining that it can understand humans.

  • To profess faith in something where there is demonstrable evidence to the contrary is to slowly poison the faith.

  • The most seductive of all beliefs are those that provide “knowledge” of the unknowable.

  • The clearest evidence that mankind worships itself is that it created God in its image.

  • The most common way of valuing organized religions is like looking at a balance sheet and reading only the assets; if the liabilities were also considered, it is really a question of whether there would be balance or not and which column would have the larger total.

  • Those that support the belief in “Intelligent Design” because we are too complex to have just randomly evolved, need to recall that they also believe that man was created in the image of God; that being the case, they need to explain the origins of the intelligence that designed the complexities of God.

  • Perhaps those that seek God and don’t find Him are looking in the wrong places. The first place to look and usually the last placed that is looked, is within.

  • Perhaps the concept of eternal life was invented only for those without the courage to face the possibility of nonexistence.

  • If there are taxes owed on the wages of sin they are collected posthumously.

  • Theologies function like toll takers at the Gates of Heaven that collect not just coin but the uttering of mere words.

  • As beauty is solely in the eye of the beholder, so also is evil.

  • When we think of faith, it is usually in the context of religion; however there are those that have faith that mankind is interested only in itself even though there is demonstrable evidence to the contrary.

  • An often repeated dogma dulls our objectivity the same way that hair dulls the steel edge of a razor.

  • The miracles in religious books are often disregarded by those that insist on verifiable cause-effect relationships; however, we all know that the mind can and does present apparitions of that which is not real. Thus, perhaps a different kind of “miracle” was what was present when many experienced the same apparition. In this, no violations of the laws of nature need to be violated and the experiences of those could still be claimed truthful as they witnessed it. This would be only slightly less miraculous.

  • Being bound by dogmas is like being a recluse in a door less home with windows made of stone.

  • Faith is expressed by claiming certain knowledge of that which in unknowable.

  • Those that claim the certainty that their theological beliefs are true, feel themselves standing in the light; however the light is like standing in the light found in a closet.

  • When great power is given to those with unquestioned faith, great calamity is certain to follow.

  • For the most part, theologies have been created in order to impose our will on God.

  • Some ought to consider the possibility that the hereafter may be just like the “herebefore”.

  • Our vanity requires that we believe that we were created in God’s image.

  • Why do many Christians pray that God’s Will be done and then try to impose their will on others?

  • With there being tens of thousands of variations of religious beliefs, it is amazing that each believer is convinced that he has somehow escaped the probability of being in error.

  • There is no problem in trusting in God as long as we do our best to see that we don’t have to.

  • Those that believe “The Word” only because it is accompanied by miracles have overlooked the miracles that exist independently in “The Word” itself.

  • No matter how much we may long to discover the purpose of life, there is more than the remote chance that all we will find is what we have placed there.


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