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  • Perhaps the twig grows as it is bent, but if not careful it snaps and dies.

  • Anger creates two problems where before there was only one.

  • To remember our mistakes is wise; to dwell on our mistakes is to make another.

  • Those that try to get even must be behind because those that are ahead never wish to fall back.

  • Loneliness falters once we share it with another.

  • Few things bring on so much personal danger, as causing others to first become frightened of us.

  • When we are weak, we accuse and blame; growing stronger we become able to forgive; once we are strong, we discover that there is nothing to forgive.

  • One of the greatest harms that come from anger is that anger always denies us the understanding of the other.

  • Unless another asks, it is wise to remain silent even if one is certain that the other is mistaken.

  • To become truly free, we need to extract our inner-self from our body, and then provide the body with its needs and not its demands; this will leave that inner-self free to seek what it needs but will never demand.

  • The tiger attack at the Seigfreid and Roy Show, clearly demonstrates that no matter how careful one is in preparing for eventualities, there will eventually be one that couldnít be anticipated.

  • Which is more helpful to others; to let them know that we recognize their deceit or to let them believe falsely that their deceit was successful?

  • A quotation should never be used to cloak ones opinions in authority but only as a way of understanding how another believes.

  • We all need to be needed by another, but not by crippling and making dependent, but by helping them become free and more independent.

  • Each voluntary act is the child of a thought and the grandchild of a belief; for this reason, we need to careful of our beliefs lest our acts do harm.

  • Few first thoughts arenít improved by a second.

  • Not preparing for life while young is like preparing to walk a pathway of sharp rocks barefooted, doable but not happily.

  • Unknowingly we become like those with whom we associate; to become like those that history calls great, we need to associate with their words and deeds.

  • Is it possible that one can be happy while expressing discontent?

  • Perhaps we shouldnít take life so seriously, because it certainly doesnít us.

  • When we act oppositely to our deepest beliefs, we will always have conflict and turmoil within; to eliminate that conflict one must either alter our acts or alter our deepest beliefs, the latter being far more difficult to do, and perhaps even impossible.

  • Inactivity is such an unnatural state for mankind, that it virtually assures unhappiness for those that possess it.

  • Our convictions are never more convincing to others then when we abide by them consistently.

  • Many a life is wrecked by driving through life under the influence of imagination.

  • It isnít true that we can do anything in life that we choose because there are more limitations on what we can do than there are limitations on what we can imagine, however we will never know those limitations until our best effort is made repeatedly after each failure.

  • Instead of standing for something, perhaps we should be working for its realization.

  • Once harsh words have flown their cage, they are never to be caged again.

  • Having seized the day, many are at a loss as what to do with it.

  • We are able to pursue so many interests that we become able of none.


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