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  • It is unfortunate that we have the saying that says that “such and such makes one happy”. It is clear that nothing external or internal makes one happy, any more than any one thing makes a tree grow. Happiness is the result of many factors peculiar to each individual and anyone that claims otherwise is either naive or a fraud.

  • Suicide can be looked at as being the ultimate shortcut.

  • The clearest vision could even be possessed by those that have never seen.

  • We will never be able to do more than we can do. But that sentence is only words about words. We will never know what we can do, no matter how hard we try, because there is always some bit of unknown information or method that we failed to utilize, and these are words about us. Until when we die, we will only know what we did, not what we were capable of doing.

  • If humans would only do as many things to be loved as they do to be envied, there would be an ethical renascence lasting for centuries.

  • Accumulating hatreds is like shingling one’s roof with boulders.

  • The saying “no pain no gain” is not just true of one’s body but also of one’s character. Character can’t be developed by reading, but by struggling through difficulties and failures and then continuing on towards one’s goals.

  • Kindness to many is perceived as a ploy of the weak to avoid harm, and for these, kindness acts like an invitation to a feast.

  • Our value lies more in what we bring forth in others, more than what we bring into ourselves.

  • Those that freely admit to error are rare, and those that proclaim their correctness are common.

  • It should be no surprise that when we tell others to “Just be yourself.” that they seem bewildered because they thought that was exactly what they were doing.

  • We should not judge a powerful person as being weak because that power is not used, but, perhaps we should judge that person as being wise.

  • Our fears and desires are rarely derived from our intellect or wisdom; rather they arise mostly from the primitive origins of our brains. Because of this, fear and desire cannot serve as beacons to lead us to either an intelligent or wise life, and are much more likely to beckon us onto the shoals of disaster.

  • Tomorrow doesn’t seem weighty to those that have prepared its cart.

  • Whatever shortcomings that we may find in another, we can also find in ourselves. Qualitatively we are the same only differing quantitatively in our attributes.

  • A joy felt by only one is a half a joy.

  • Patience is more easily discovered where there is comfort than where there is discomfort.

  • Fame is but short-term immortality.

  • Death can be looked at as a one-way escape hatch which one must exit either freely or not.

  • If totally untalented people want to be remembered, they should stand for something so irritating that the culture will seek them out for persecution.

  • A person might be forgiven for believing that happiness is not having a migraine headache.

  • Censorship is founded on a principle, held by most little minds, that the minds of most others are incapable of handling some matters as well as the censors can.

  • A life without unexpected changes would be like a garden of plastic flowers.

  • There are many that seem to have no understanding of the word “enough”, such as knowing when enough wealth is enough, when enough power is enough, when enough play is enough, when enough fame is enough, when enough sexual partners is enough, when enough food is enough, when enough drink is enough, etc. For these enough is an obsession that guarantees only the illusion of happiness.

  • It is a mistake to assume that merely because one is rich and/or famous that they are happier than you.

  • We all need to teach our dogs, fears, and desires how to heel.

  • The truly strong among us find no need to display that strength, knowing that they aren’t threatened by whether others believe we possess strength or weakness. It is the weak that need to display strength in order to deter others from attempting to exploit their weaknesses.

  • The tightrope walker that starts to wonder how he does what he does is about to fall.

  • Those that believe that they have become all that they could have become, have little understanding of what they could have become.


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