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  • No matter how truthful we try to be, we never know how truthful we are.

  • The past was neither as good nor bad as we remember, and in many cases never was at all.

  • Nothing quite so limits our feeling of freedom as does the delusion that somehow we are more that just a speck in time and space.

  • Those that don't doubt tend to have few worries while acting unwisely while those that doubt tend to have many worries while acting wisely.

  • We never call it an injustice when the law benefits us at the expense of others.

  • America is often referred to as a melting pot, indicating that somehow we will eventually melt together and become indistinguishable from one another; such is a delusion, for no matter how similar we may become, we are and will continue to be creatures that look for differences between one another, and that looking will always be successfully exaggerated.

  • If women thoroughly understood the average man, few would want them as other than just friends.

  • Those that believe that money is the root of all evil are those that never tried to live long without that evil root.

  • Morality is primarily a way of looking at others.

  • An absolute vacuum is believed to exist nowhere in the Universe, but perhaps we should at least suspect its existence in our heads from time to time.

  • A fool and his beliefs are seldom parted.

  • What better indication can there be that we are not all equal in the eyes of the law than the fact that wealthy federal convicts tend to get sent to country club prisons and those without wealth tend to get sent to generic type prisons. Perhaps those in government are taking precautions should they also wind up behind bars.

  • Youíve really been fooled if you believe that youíre one of those people that canít be fooled any of the time.

  • Perhaps there is some grand purpose for mankindís existence, and perhaps we are all just unusual bits of flotsam drifting through time and space. While living, neither belief can be supported by verifiable evidence and perhaps also not even after life either.

  • First itís called unthinkable; then itís called fantasy; then itís called impossible; then itís called simple.

  • No matter how objective ďNihilism*- is or could become, and no matter how liberating it may be, nihilism will be rejected by virtually all because it doesnít embody any delusions of even the most minor grandeur.

  • Our destinies, our fates, and our futures are not truly ours unless we grasp them firmly and mold them to our own purposes.


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Page 67 of  131

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