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  • To overlook the blessings of each day is like receiving Christmas presents but never opening them.

  • The strength of science is that it rejects itself when evidence shows it to be in error; the weakness of religion is that religion rejects knowledge when knowledge doesn’t agree with religion.

  • To pray that God’s Will be done and then to resent what follows should cause wondering as to the sincerity of the prayer.

  • The decline of mankind might be explained by all of the inbreeding that must have occurred because of the small number of humans on Noah’s Ark.

  • In a classic case of role reversal, many reject God because He doesn’t do as they expect.

  • One’s religion is told in how a person lives life, moment by moment, which may have nothing to do with what a person may claim.

  • Perhaps the Universe is God’s laboratory and we are only one of His experiments.

  • Instead of believing that God’s blessings are gifts, perhaps it would be better if we considered them as loans to be treasured and improved, and to be returned when we are we are done with them.

  • The strongest religious movement of today is consumerism where the places of worship are the shopping malls and the gods are the outlets that provide for the wants of the faithful for a prescribed donation.

  • The ultimate prayer is to ask God to cause us to fulfill His wishes and not our own.

  • On the stage of life, there are many who expect an encore and many who expect the show to close permanently.

  • Many seem to relate to their religions as a popularity contest where the god that gets the most followers becomes “The God”.

  • Unwritten laws are best left that way because they are usually religious beliefs in disguise.

  • Those who pray for peace should think about how much more peaceful the world would be if everybody addressed their prayers to “Whom it may concern”.

  • It may be that God pays the closest attention to our prayers when we attend the church of which we are its only member.

  • It is easy to see why there are so many true believers; beliefs are like featherbeds while doubts are like sharp pebble’s in our shoes.

  • One of life’s certainties is that those who believe in an afterlife will not be disappointed.

  • Three of mankind’s most arrogant beliefs are that we know the nature of God and what He should expect of us and what we should expect of Him.

  • Since mankind started worshiping God, instead of trying to perfect ourselves, it was found to be much easier to just humanize God.

  • Perhaps it’s time that we start being God-loving instead of God-fearing.

  • The more insecure that we are about our own beliefs, the more we try to persuade others to accept ours.

  • Perhaps those who believe that our time on Earth is predetermined by God shouldn’t oppose the act of killing one another since all that the others were doing was providing a service for God.

  • Perhaps there is a risk as to whether there will be life after death; however one certain risk is whether there will be life after birth.

  • Reasoning with another’s theological dogmas is little different than reasoning with a stone.

  • For hundreds of thousands of years humans speculated about what lightening was and came to conclusions which were 100% incorrect. This didn’t mean that lightening ceased to exist but only that the legends did. The same may be true of God. It may be that the legends are 100% incorrect but even so that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist.


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