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  • More people would live responsibly were it not for their having no one else to blame but themselves.

  • When the current of life seems to be sweeping us towards places that we want to avoid, then it’s time to step ashore and let that particular current of life sweep by.

  • Perhaps the greatest pity of all is the individual that sinks into a bottomless morass of self-pity.

  • Fears and desires are not gods that require our obedience, but are only feelings that often sabotage that which we value most highly.

  • If we were mining for gold, we’d never expect every shovelful to yield gold; for this reason we shouldn’t expect every goal that we have, or every truth that we seek, to be present in the first “shovelful”, and perhaps not even in the hundredth.

  • There may be exceptions, but it is probable that almost anything that we imagine can be attained if not stopped by our lack of resolve or death.

  • Those that look for happiness through the promise of endless self-gratification, will not only find the promise empty but their lives will become much wasted in the process. Happiness is to be found only through discovering and satisfying the deep longings within us that are specific to each of us.

  • When asked a personal question, ask the questioner: “Why do you think that I would want you to know that?”

  • The laws that are written within each of us are more important for our life’s directions than the laws that are written in the books of other’s.

  • It is better to remain in solitude and think about things that matter, than to be among others and talk about things that matter not.

  • The darkest shadows that we cast are when our envy causes us to act against another without any possibility of gain even to ourselves.

  • If ever in a lifeboat with others, it is essential that there be an agreement as to the direction to row, otherwise progress is impossible. When we work with others, the same rule applies.

  • For truth to triumph over that which is false, we must first reject absolutely those that claim truth only because of the authority of their positions.

  • Those that rely only on intuition are only a little less wise than those that totally ignore intuition.

  • The offer of help from another is an attempt to bridge a gap, a gap that can be closed by acceptance of that help.

  • If we were always objective in what we do, there’d be no need to study science since we would all be scientists already.

  • To receive the benefit of the good opinions of others, one must first never speak ill of another.

  • Leaving rattlesnakes and lotteries alone is wise in planning for a future.

  • Before we place our fate into the hands of another, we should first find out where there hands have been.

  • We can give to the world, but the world can only lend to us.

  • The euphoria of living comes as a byproduct of a happy life, not the other way around. Seeking a happy life through euphoria is the siren song of drug use.

  • A sharp tongue cuts its owner more deeply than it does others.

  • Before boasting about one’s good health, one should first look overhead to see if the vultures are circling.

  • We should let the opinions of others deter us from the things that we hold as important in the same way that an elephant would be deterred by a grain of sand in its path.

  • Compromising with the truth is like coming in second in a war.

  • If we are in the least bit introspective, each of will detect persistent longings. It is easy to pass these off as being of little consequence, but they may be much more vital to a fulfilled life than we suppose. If the same longings persist for years, then they obviously represent some deficiency in our lives that are not being fulfilled. It matters little as to whether these are innate or learned, as they are present and probably unalterable except by their fulfillment. These longings are not mere whims or impulses, but persistent messages from our deep inner-self that something is lacking in our lives. It should become a priority to understand these longings and adopt a pattern of life that fulfills them without introducing new discords that disrupt our inner-self in new ways.

  • We should concern ourselves more about what a life made than what made a life.

  • Knowing what is wise in life and then ignoring it are like the person that keeps a sundial beside the bed to ensure that one doesn’t oversleep.

  • If we would only reflect on the past and recall that the happiness that we anticipated from only possessing of something was always fleeting, then we should expect only more fleeting happiness in the future by mere possessing.

  • Many if not most conversations are little more than dueling monologues.


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