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  • Discontent is a disease that is easily spread and difficult to cure, wasting the lives of all those that cling to it as though it were a virtue to be sought without end. It is only those that are content that can truly lay claim to the blessings of happiness.

  • Money can only open a cell door for us to find freedom; it canít prevent us from finding another cell and becoming imprisoned yet again as many do.

  • A garden that canít grow weeds also canít grow vegetables.

  • The only respect that we should seek is self-respect. Once that is attained, the genuine respect by others will follow. Usually when we seek respect from others without first having self-respect, others will likely detect the phoniness of the effort and have even less respect for us.

  • If we are prone to forgiveness, then we should first administer it to ourselves as we are the ones most responsible for the harm that we suffer, not others.

  • One of the most overlooked addictions is the acquisition of knowledge, as it seems that the more we acquire of it by our own choosing, the greater becomes the desire for more.

  • The fact that we may find someone that could never be corrupted should be no reason for him to be given unlimited power, for we can have no similar assurances about his successors who would unlikely relinquish any of that power.

  • The loneliest road that we can choose is on the road where everyone else is going the other way.

  • If our minds were more open and our mouths less so, many of our problems would be ex-problems.

  • Deep-seated hatred is like a case of murder-suicide with the order reversed.

  • Why do many of the burdens that seem so light during the day become so heavy at bedtime?

  • Each of us makes our living by selling something, be it products, services, time, labor, or information. In a sense we are all retailers of something and on occasion wholesalers also.

  • When we travel, we need to remember that we arenít travelers in a foreign land but foreigners in a traveled land.

  • Only the dead are incorruptible.

  • Like bread to a starving man, few so lust after power as those that have it the least.

  • Those that hate any truth are those predisposed to love fantasy and illusion.

  • Lifeís best instructor is the accumulation of yesterdays.

  • Hatreds are like sharp rocks that have gotten into a shoe in that the longer they remain, the greater the pain.

  • The only time that we should want another hand to feed us is when we have none.

  • It is when we are thoroughly beaten down, when we are in grief, and when we feel most helpless and defeated, that we are most able to reach the core of what we really are.

  • There are very few among us that arenít corrupted in some way by wealth.

  • Today is more than just the name from seven days ago; it is the narrow aperture through which all of our tomorrows must also pass.

  • Even the birds awaken and sing with only the faintest evidence of a morning yet to come, but many of us cloak ourselves with gloom even during the brightest time of the day.

  • The only way to avoid error is to avoid living, because even the act of doing nothing is often a great error.

  • Journalists are like bird-dogs on point, in that they point to whatever is sensational, and in the absence of the sensational, will point to that which is barely noticeable to everyone else, and make it seem sensational.

  • It is hard to warm up to someone that is always reminding us of how foolish we are, because they are taking over the job that we should be doing.

  • If everyone seems to laugh at the things you do, perhaps you should have been a comedian.

  • How is it possible that a fashion one year is called attractive and tacky the next unless those that want to sell clothes have found a way of manipulating popular tastes to their own ends? Is it possible to be called fashionable and yet be free?

  • Isolation is impossible for those that have made the words of wisdom, from out of the past, their echoes in the present.

  • Perhaps we canít fool all of the people all of the time, but why would any person of integrity want to fool any of the people any of the time?

  • Mischief is like an itch in that the more attention that either receives the more they tend to increase.

  • We must have some kind of mental failing when we value software that we bought, but didnít work, more than software that was free but worked perfectly.

  • Where you ďwind upĒ depends a lot on when you got ďwound upĒ.


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