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  • Character can be looked at as the insistence on living by oneís principles no matter how strongly oneís desires demand otherwise

  • All things that are material are temporal; the things that we regard as existing but being non-material either donít exist or if they do, there is no way of testing for their durability, and are therefore un-testable hypotheses.

  • If we were as suspicious of what we say to ourselves as we are to what others say to us, our thinking would not only be clearer, it would also be nearer to the truth.

  • Life doesnít just produce the things that we intend, but also produces much of what we intended to avoid. In very much the same way that our watering our garden benefits what we planted as it also brings up the weeds that we wanted to avoid.

  • Perhaps he who hesitates is lost, but perhaps he who hesitates is only thinking of a more probable way of winning.

  • It is our habit of thought to think of a space that contains only air as being of little value. Yet that very same space becomes one of our highest values when we enclose it and call it home. Much of what we most value started out as nothing until we acted to transform it. Such cases, among many, are education, love, and understanding,

  • Any idea is easier for others to accept if the idea incorporates some element of immortality for its potential adopters.

  • It is the fool that follows a road map when it says there is a road where there is none; so are we all from time to time when dogma tells us one thing while our senses and intellect tell us that the dogma is false and yet we follow the dogma.

  • Knowledge is like a building site that has received all of its building materials; understanding and wisdom is the assembling those materials into something that is useful.

  • As a child I didnít believe that the Universe could go one forever with out its having an end, and then I couldnít imagine how whatever ended the Universe could go on forever either; this was and is as of today one of many of the things that we must accept as true even though the limitations of our understandings will never permit their being understood.

  • Education doesnít involve teaching absolute truths; rather it involves teaching the way towards absolute truths while knowing full well that the way is endless.

  • The Laws of Nature are not what causes nature to happen; rather it is what happens in nature that causes the Laws of Nature to be accurately descriptive.


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Page 68 of  131

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