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  • We were safer when it was just mankind vs. nature than today when it became mankind vs. mankind.

  • A vice is no less of a vice, because of its short duration, anymore than a bullet through the heart was harmless for its brevity.

  • Seeking safety in life above all other things is like a football team that can only field a defensive team.

  • We cast our longest shadows when the sun is nearest the night.

  • Our expectations borrow from the future, and on occasion bankrupt it too.

  • It is a fact that round pegs will fit into round holes, and that round pegs will fit into square holes, but just not snuggly.

  • Of course clothes make the man; who ever saw a successful man without them?

  • Once a person gets everything they ever wanted in life, they turn the page to a new list.

  • Few animals devour their own except man, and cannibals eat the body too.

  • Some people can make up a half dozen beds before they can their minds.

  • It is easy to understand why God stopped creating and needed to rest immediately after making Adam and Eve, because they immediately started listening to a snake and disagreeing over a fruit.

  • Much of life, were it told as a fictional story, would be believed by few.

  • No matter how many books on child-rearing are read, the first child is always a life-altering experiment performed by amateurs.

  • Toleration between two parties is all that should be expected when one of them believes certain acts are right or wrong just because they are, and the other one wants to know what the pursuit or avoidance of those acts will produce.

  • In those fleeting moments when we can sense our nonexistence, we at last sense the eternal.

  • We find it easy to become reverent about the more primitive civilizations that we infer wanted to protect the earth and its environment, but we need to remember that they didnít have the power to abuse either as modern man does. It is quite possible that their apparent reverence is more a reflection of their means than of their goals.

  • Why is it that we view with skepticism that which is shouted but doubt little of that which is whispered in confidence?

  • For some reason we are drawn to anything that is new, even if it is only the old dressed up in new clothes.

  • Much of life is like climbing to the very top of a tree, in that once there, there is so little to provide support that falling becomes probable.

  • When confidence in another is misplaced, itís slow to be found.

  • If a bear were to threaten us, weíd be able to do something. One way or another, the bearís threat would soon cease, but if we start to fear that there is a bear everywhere, nothing can produce a remedy, and the fear of the bear may never cease.

  • Minds donít become little minds by shrinking; they remain that way by never growing.

  • Refusal of admitting fault or error puts oneís stamp of approval on either, and therefore produces one new fault or error.

  • Dying requires no practice, but many live as though it does.

  • More important than what weíve become, was our means of traveling.

  • Wanting to be loved by all and despised by none is like wanting the sun to shine on our fronts and backs all at once.

  • One of the chief motivations to succeed is to astonish the in-laws.

  • The hypocrite of a principle is its poorest teacher.

  • It is only the masochist that can be considered wise for not having learned from the experiences of others.

  • Anyone that requires a virgin in marriage is one that desires a student and fears a teacher.

  • Ignorance enchains the mind as surely as chains can bind the body.


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