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  • It is obvious that if you “Be all that you can be.”, that you’ll be dead.

  • One of the great maladies of thought is that people tend to remember their conclusions about what they saw instead of remembering only what they saw.

  • We come and we go in life as in a fog, and like being in a fog, we see most clearly at its onset and at its leaving.

  • Something original is only the last stone laid in a very long road that is different from the road yet always a part of it.

  • Imagination may be more important than knowledge, but we still have to retain knowledge of what we’ve imagined.

  • Much common sense is common nonsense. Much that seems nonsense today will tomorrow be called common sense.

  • It’s always a strike before the ball is thrown.

  • Very often something original comes from seriously considering that which seems completely irrational.

  • The majority cannot create a reality, they can only create a belief that the majority will claim as a realty.

  • The best thing about moral behavior is the vast array that one can choose from.

  • Those that believe that life should be balanced, wish for the dark ages, for it is the absence of balance that tips our changes forwards towards progress.

  • Some people’s idea of high culture is a fresh container of yogurt.

  • When truth knocks on our doors, we often see only a vagrant that we wish would go elsewhere.

  • You’re wrong when you think that life’s picking on you; all life is doing is trying to build character.

  • In the past, most Americans lived during a period when the choices were to find the most positive alternatives; in the future, choosing will increasingly be to find the least negative alternatives.

  • Science tries to discover that which is more nearly true than was known before. Philosophy tries to discover now that which will be true for evermore.

  • As with a foolish consistency, a foolish contentedness is also a hobgoblin of little minds.

  • The test of whether we are on the pathway to truth is to whether our steps produce fewer failures than before.

  • There are some days that are more precious than some years.


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Page 69 of  131

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