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  • Boasting of past accomplishments increases public esteem less than silence.

  • If you are to have enemies, learn quicker from them than they do from you.

  • We like to imagine that we are led by rational thought, but that is rarely the case as most of us are led by our hearts, and in many cases even our rational thoughts are also.

  • Spreading of goodwill is like a candle that lights another but remains lit also.

  • Truth is often more destroyed by those that defend it corruptly than those that would seek to destroy it by any means.

  • Few things lift us as much as when we stoop to lift others.

  • Perhaps you get what you sow, but to get only what you sow requires frequent weeding.

  • Any words or any acts that tends to lead away from that which is true, whether they be of deceit or ignorance is a corruption.

  • Pride is foolish, and excessive pride is excessively foolish, especially when it comes to matters that we’ve had little to do with and everything to do with what we inherited, be it wealth or a pleasing face.

  • A large tree can not be felled by a strong man’s pushing or pulling, but can be felled by any man armed with just a pocket knife and great patience.

  • Though there may be cases where the end justifies the means, it is almost always true that the means justifies the end.

  • The allure of possessions is very much like the allure of a bouquet of flowers, beautiful before acquiring and immediately thereafter, but something that is soon to wilt and be forgotten.

  • Physical strength can be attained by lifting weights and then putting them down. Strength of character can be developed by “lifting” temptations and then putting them down.

  • If you drink from a spring, it is wise to know its source.

  • When young, we should treasure the helpful words that are given to us even if we are unable to understand how they will.

  • Man is the kind of animal that invents more with his mouth than he does with his hands.

  • Few things cause others to think so highly of us as when we speak highly of those that are absent.

  • Heat applied to a metal will melt it; heat applied to an argument hardens the other’s opinion

  • We never know what we can do, even after we have tried; we can only know what we have tried and not whether we will succeed on the next attempt.

  • It is a mistake to speak when angry; it is a disaster to act when angry.

  • Out thoughts are chained to our past, but few and perhaps none of us that remain sane, will ever break those chains. The problem isn’t that we are chained, but that we imagine ourselves to be free and thus fail to compensate for our own nature and the nature of our fellow beings.

  • To refer to an authority in order to persuade another will only succeed with the weak, as the strong will never bow to a presence that is not present.

  • There is often a chasm between the motives behind our acts and the motives that others believe we had.

  • Mankind should learn to imitate the glacier that can carve mountains even in its imperceptible movement, and never stops doing so until it succumbs to external heat.

  • We are shaped by what we do and what we think in very much the same way that a woodcarver produces a finished product from a piece of wood.

  • Most often in life we find that the harder we push another, the harder it becomes move the other.

  • Those that falsely talk of another are “double-thieves” because they steal the good name of another and then steal the good opinion that others have of that person.


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