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  • Almost any animal values one of its own species more than another species with the exception of the dog that values its owner more than another dog and in many cases apparently more than itself.

  • The whisper of conscience should be more compelling than the shouts of the many.

  • If one were alone on an island and believed that rescue would never come, do you suppose that there could ever be any pride in anything that is done? Pride requires the realized or anticipated approval of others while self-esteem only requires one’s own self.

  • Those that find nothing within them that bids them to act in ways that are not understood, have not begun to know themselves.

  • Many praise the beauty of nature like someone receiving an ice-cream sundae that has to be consumed quickly before it melts.

  • Hopefully, parents will grow up as quickly as their children.

  • The dreams that we now have need to be enlightened by the autopsies of all those earlier dreams that are now deceased.

  • Bees have no choice, but nothing says that we need to remain drones throughout life.

  • It seems as though some are attempting to do their daily aerobic exercises with their jaws and tongues.

  • A sunny disposition shines brighter than the Sun at noonday.

  • Opportunity never gives its name when entering, but usually leaves its calling card when leaving.

  • Those going through life with turned up noses will probably fall over anything that is immediately ahead.

  • If one tends to take the roads of least resistance, it is near certain that these roads go downhill.

  • Americans seem to be unusually attracted to conspiracy theories, probably because they provide excuses for their own failures and the successes of the assumed conspirators.

  • If history keeps repeating itself, why do humans think they’re so smart

  • Perhaps the most effective antiperspirant doesn’t come in containers, but in a brokerage account that indicates a secure financial future.

  • It is true that we must all live our lives with the cards that we’re dealt, but I would rather have preferred that the cards had been in a factory sealed box and that I had shuffled and dealt them.

  • We each look at life in very much the same way that we look at an ink-blot on a Rorschach test, in that each of us see whatever we’re predisposed to see.

  • None are as dead as those that speak and say nothing, and none are as alive as those that are buried and say everything.

  • The power that is most lacking in the world today, is the power of one over oneself.

  • When we are divided, we aren’t divided into two equal parts but into small fragments longing again for wholeness.

  • There are a few that have so much negative charisma that even the rocks, because they have no legs, can only cringe.

  • Why is it that we seek perfection when we find it so intolerable in another?

  • When a cup of water is taken from the ocean, it leaves no hole, in the same way that when one of us dies, we will leave no hole in the fabric of mankind.

  • Should you ever lose your temper, don’t try to find it.

  • We should not be dragged along by the changing times but rather we should train ourselves to keep up with its pace.

  • The longer we contemplate an act, the greater the likelihood of discovering a reason to not act.

  • One of the saddest things is someone who longs for “the good old days” instead of looking forward to the good new days that are delivered fresh daily.

  • What happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force? The irresistible force goes through the immovable object of course.


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Page 70 of  161

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