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  • A rich man is poor if he feels himself deficient; a poor man is rich if he feels himself abundant.

  • To understand the definition of a word should never be confused with understanding what a word means.

  • Those that contend that homosexuals are the result of choosing to be so and that they could become a heterosexual if they choose, should ask themselves the following two questions: When did I decide to be a heterosexual? If I chose, could I now decide to be sexually attracted to my own sex and become a homosexual that isn’t attracted sexually to the opposite sex?

  • We must lessen our grip on the past before we can gain a hold on tomorrow.

  • Nature always finds a way to twist the tail of those who think themselves to be its master.

  • To say: “I don’t know.” Is almost always true; to say: “I know.” is not as true as saying: “I believe.”

  • If empirical evidence can’t be utilized to prove the existence of something, then it is wise in planning to assume that the something doesn’t exist; however, we should always remember that many of our assumptions will eventually be proven false.

  • Rejecting an obvious truth is like rejecting the moon because it blocks our views of some stars.

  • When we give another something, it is theirs to do with as they choose with one exception, --when we give them our word.

  • Mankind will always be torn between the two propositions as which is the greater value- an enormous population with poor quality of life, or a much smaller population with a very high quality of life.

  • It is easy to reach conclusions, especially in the absence of thought. Instead of reaching conclusions, the process should often be more accurately called over-reaching conclusions.

  • We are compelled to dwell in a universe of uncertainty; those that seek certainty seek to live in fantasy; all that can be done is to reduce uncertainty, not eliminate it. Uncertainty is reality; it is certainty that is unreal.

  • There is much knowledge that is useful throughout life, but one of the most important things to know is to know that we do not know.

  • It is interesting that in a time of plenty that one’s highest values tends towards those things that can’t be proven to exist; in a time of scarcity, one’s highest values tend to be those things which one is certain of existing.

  • Although pi is considered immutable, it might be interesting to speculate what existence would be like if there were some place in the Universe where pi was false.

  • It is better to say what is true than to say what is expected; it is better to say what is true today instead of what was true yesterday; it is better to say what is true here instead of what is true elsewhere, and it is better to say what is true in one’s heart than to say what is true in one’s head.

  • Remaining silent when that silence would knowingly cause another to mistakenly believe that you are in agreement, is like is like believing that it’s alright to lie if one’s fingers are crossed.

  • We seldom discover a truth though we often discover its footprints to follow.


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