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  • More to be feared than the person that sets out to deceive, is the person whose convictions of rightness are so strong that getting others to believe likewise is life’s pursuit, and is justified in using any means possible to get others to believe likewise.

  • Did you ever notice how much smarter that you believe others are when they listen attentively and how much the opposite when they speak obsessively?

  • Anyone that lives by the sword had better be wearing a bulletproof vest.

  • The things that we know of yet don’t understand are few compared to the unknown things that we will never understand,

  • All foods can be divided in to either chocolate or non-chocolate.

  • Baldness is a case of hair-unapparent.

  • It is true that bodies in motion tend to remain in motion, but bodies at rest tend to remain at rest only until a body in motion pushes it out of bed.

  • Is masturbation an overlooked form of incest?

  • When someone says that something is a lot of baloney, they probably are accurate; after all, baloney, if its contents were examined individually, are things we probably would not choose to swallow at all,

  • Those that gain new powers are always eager to exercise them in much the same way as when one gets a new automobile.

  • The internet has created a monsoon of thought that ever increases and shows no evidence of ever ceasing.

  • Adversity acts like a fertilizer that makes us grow, and to grow ever stronger.

  • There are many mouths that operate at full speed before the mind is ever turned on.

  • Perhaps the reason dogs tend to be so frisky is because they are living in dog-minutes.

  • Those that control the mass media have, within their collective power, the ability to write tomorrow’s history and to rewrite yesterday’s.

  • All battles are battles of wills; however it is not always the one with the most will that is the victor, but the one with no will, will always be a loser.

  • Of all the names of the seven days of the week, none were named “Tomorrow”.


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Page 70 of  101

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