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  • Many go through life avoiding thought as if they knew it were the first page of a very bad book.

  • What is there to tolerate in another unless we believe that we are the standard that all others should imitate?

  • If curiosity has any chance of surviving into adulthood, then every childís question of "Why?" should always be answered, even if only by saying "I donít know". Mystery is the nurture of curiosity, not its end. To say, "I donít know." to a child only whets the childís appetite to exceed the adult. Isn't this what we want for all children?

  • Life can be like a relay race at a track meet where one runner passes a baton on to another. We need to add our improvements to that which was handed to us, and pass it on to the next generation. But first we need to be sure to have a firm grasp on that baton from out of the past.

  • Some like to say, "Thatís easier said than done." Name something that isnít.

  • Live life as though making a documentary, not a fantasy.

  • If revenge is sweet, then it is sweet like saccharine, always bitter when used in excess.

  • The pursuit of certainty fortunately leads us to mistrusting even ourselves.

  • There should be little satisfaction when we falsely represent ourselves to others, for their good opinions will be of someone that isn't, while never knowing the one that is.

  • Searching for happiness is like a blind man groping through a maze and finding many dead-ends before discovering the way. On completion, he will be absolutely helpless in instructing others on how to find their way.

  • Harboring resentment is like using the wrong edge of a knife to cut, in that one is more likely to be cut than is the object.

  • Donít envy a rolling stone because it gathers no moss, because it also can gather enough momentum to destroy those in its path.

  • The most certain way to destroy oneís enemy is through the weapon called kindness.

  • When tongues wag the truth wanes.

  • We are presented with far more opportunities to do ill than to do well.

  • There was a time when our citizens lived so that those of the future would have better lives than they did; we now have those better lives and we now live in such a way that those of the future will be very fortunate to live as well as we do.

  • There is no such thing as an average American even though most Americans will act as though there were.

  • In trying to please all, we are far more likely to please none.

  • More wretched than the ignorant are those that imitate knowing.

  • The hasty anger, the ready complaint, the frequent neglect, the unspoken compliment that was deserved, the withheld help that was needed, and the withheld encouraging word during discouragement, all become thorns in our lament when forever barred from mending.

  • Through most of life we quibble over trifles while the meaningful go begging.

  • The doors to seek out are the ones where the brass doorknobs are not shiny.

  • We should always take seriously those that ask questions when the answers seem obvious, for it may be that they are looking through cracks in those beliefs that we believe to be solid.

  • Tolerance in oneís own failure is a reward for failing and an encouragement for more.

  • Few want an honest answer when asking for an honest opinion.

  • When reaching what seems like an impenetrable obstacle, one has discovered opportunity, for this is where those that went before were turned back.

  • We, like everything else, are most vulnerable when we stand out from all others.

  • It is said that we never know what we can do until we try, but this is false. All we can know by trying is what we have done, not what we can do.

  • Some live their lives as though they were part-time jobs that theyíll use only until something better comes along.

  • Rising to great challenges doesnít create character, but the challenges do uncover its size.

  • Those that dress and preen like the peacock should notice the smallness of its head.

  • The majority, when they spy others traveling on a different road, will always claim that road to be the wrong road.

  • Those that are prejudiced should be regarded as the poisoned seeking to poison others.

  • It seems that wherever we plant our feet, we harvest patriotism.

  • Seldom is intolerance more justified than when applied against the intolerant.

  • It seems to be in our nature to disvalue what we have and to inflate the value of what we donít have but want.

  • The greatest tragedies of life are those that got nothing that they wanted and those that got everything that they wanted.

  • We tend to love flattery as long as it comes disguised as truth.


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