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  • The cheapest lessons we will ever learn are when we only have to pay attention.

  • Genius may only be the nature of mankind that has not yet been handicapped by false learnings.

  • Fear and hate are like two uninvited guests into one's soul, which if allowed to remain, will eventually claim victory by consuming their host.

  • There is an intense joy for the iconoclast when finding someone that isnít threatened by questions of "Why?"

  • Some children fear punishment for their wrongdoing. Some adults fear Hell for their wrongdoing. Some children expect reward for their good behavior. Some adults expect Heaven for their good behavior. All children need love just for being. All adults need love just for being.

  • We comfortably travel through life in our delusions, like on a luxury ship, until running on to the shoals of reality. Then we need to pray that the lifeboats arenít also delusions.

  • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc., it doesn't matter if the duck knows it's a duck or not, it's still a duck. We are what we are, and perhaps not what we like to believe we are.

  • The "electricity" that individuals feel when in a crowd, may be nothing more than the reinforcement of shared values, values that they will again doubt when alone again.

  • From the time that one was born, a gentle web was spun to entrap our unique individuality and silently transform it into social conformity.

  • An essential aim, for those that would be free, is to discover one's self while being surrounded by the clutter of life.

  • There is a harmonic chord within each of us that resonates with certain music and is discordant with other music. That there is a great difference between individuals as to what harmonizes with this chord, may be evidence of the individuality within each of us that hasnít yet been corrupted by conformity to a standard.

  • The fleeting happiness that is often felt, almost always comes from physical things. Enduring happiness is the result an abiding spiritual-self that unites what we are with what we believe.

  • If any individual is to be truly free, then the bondage, imposed by the paternal twins named Fear and Desire, must be broken so that the spirit within us is not dominated by our emotions.

  • We donít see ourselves when we look in a mirror; all we see is the shell in which we dwell.

  • Happiness has a tendency to pursue us once we tire of pursuing it.

  • In the absence of thinking, many compensate by talking.

  • Money canít buy happiness, and never will; none-the-less, it does a great job on food, clothing, and shelter.

  • The trampoline of life sometimes turns out to be only spider webs.

  • When something is paid for by someone else, the individual is likely to take, and to take more, than if the individual had to pay for it. This single factor is a chief cause of waste in any culture that that endorses such practices.

  • Money may not buy happiness, but it buys some pretty good imitations.

  • Truth, in the long run, hurts far more by its absence than its presence.

  • No matter how long we may live, we should always think of ourselves as being novices in life, still discovering until our last breaths.

  • Each of us are unique, but in spite of this, weíre much more alike than different.

  • Intelligent behavior of groups varies inversely to the number within it.

  • If one were put within an extremely complex maze, one would undoubtedly encounter many dead ends. Recognizing that mazes were made just for that purpose, we would spend little time lamenting that we hadnít succeeded as quickly as intended. Without a doubt, life is an extremely complex maze, and one wherein many failures are assured; the only way to weave ones self through lifeís maze is to keep trying after each setback until arriving where intended.

  • The only thing that a well trod path indicates is that it probably isnít fatal; that it leads to where we would optimally benefit, or that we would benefit at all, is an entirely different matter.

  • Creativity is often just coming up with entirely new solutions to solve unusual problems that are created by those new solutions.


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