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  • Like wearing a fine garment with a price tag dangling from it, we go through our lives displaying the fears that were attached to us in our youth.

  • When one is told that they don't know the difference between right and wrong, just ask that person to explain the difference. Invariably you will hear -"Well if you don't know the difference by now, I'm certainly not going to tell you." Need you wonder any longer about the real reason that they refuse?

  • It is true that money can't buy happiness, but many are so disposed that money won't even make a decent down payment.

  • It is a sad commentary that those that suffer the most from untruths, are often the ones that cling to them as though they were eternal truths.

  • The intellectual curiosity of youth is soon killed by the small daily doses of the poison called certainty.

  • The main value of traveling the pathway towards truth is not in its attainment but in its being sought.

  • The freedom that evolves from self-denial is vast compared to that from self-indulgence.

  • Pride is a heavy burden to carry that makes its heaviness most apparent when trying to climb the mountain of self-understanding.

  • Reason can never father passion. Passion can never father reason. Though aware of one another, they are like the eagle and the swan, related but very distant.

  • The main differences between our dreams and reality are that reality remains after dreams end, while reality doesnít vanish once dreams begin, even though we are comforted to believe that they have.

  • Reality is whatever exists, whether believed or denied. Colors exist even if the blind do not see. Sounds exist even if the deaf do not hear. God either exists or doesnít exist whether one believes or denies. Reality exists like a "white hole" in the universe ever drawing in mankindís beliefs, whether wanted or opposed.

  • The apparent safety of the well-trodden path is exactly where the hunter places his traps.

  • There is no real value in gold, especially when someone else has lots of it and you have none.


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