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  • If the leaders of all nations always abided by the will of its citizens, there’d be no more wars.

  • The wealth of a nation doesn't increase from a process that only changes wealth's ownership, but from the freedom of individuals to create wealth. There are many that only want to take from the haves and give to the have-nots, and would prefer that no wealth ever be created if that meant that some would benefit more than others.

  • Should a politician be considered generous just because he gives away other people's money?

  • Liberty is not the property of the state to bestow upon its citizens, however when the state tampers with liberty, it is usually to take it.

  • The cumulative horrors vested upon individuals by other individuals, is miniscule compared to the horrors imposed by governments, organized religions, and various other groups when they claimed worthy goals.

  • Many more ballots are cast against candidates that represent our neurotic fears, than are ever cast for those that represent our rational beliefs.

  • Some have developed their sensitivity so much that they can find offence in anything. Politicians, sensing political opportunity, have become coconspirators with the overly sensitive by passing legislation to punish the offender even when the accused is innocent of any intent to offend.

  • Mindless "scapegoating" seems to be a part of every culture as individuals try to affix blame for their failures. In the US, corporations have become the hobgoblin to blame, as laws that are harmful to corporations are implemented. Often, these in turn most punish those that the laws were intended to benefit.

  • Politics and religion are topics that are wisely avoided in friendly conversation. The reason why this is so, is that both have attracted followers that choose points of view that most fit their neurotic fears. As such, reason, the means usually employed in these conversations, is useless since these are emotions operating, not rational thoughts.

  • It may be that "Death and taxes" are certain, but just as certain is that every government will debase its currency.

  • There is no tooth fairy that arrives to increase a nation's wealth; rather it is increased by the difference between the cost of production and/or distribution, and the revenue derived from the same. This is true; not only for the corporation, but for the wage earner that sells time to the employer. If there is no difference between cost and revenue, there is no gain in a nation’s wealth.


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