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  • If anyone truly believes that manís body was created in the exact image of God, that person should wonder why God has sex organs. Perhaps what was created, that is exactly like God, is our sense of a spiritual world that can unite man to God, and man to man.

  • Various religious groups like to regard themselves as "Godís Chosen People", without asking: Chosen for what?

  • Freedom of religion doesnít mean the freedom of one religion to destroy another.

  • Perhaps talents are like tools that have only been loaned to us, to be finally returned to the true owner upon his request.

  • The most perfect religion for many may be to find one's self in a congregation of only one.

  • Those that are certain of The Creation and afterlife are like those that are certain of a book's contents just because of knowing its title.

  • Those that are the most insecure in their own beliefs are often the ones most impelled to convince others of their certainty.

  • Asking God for guidance causes much harm by those that believe that every subsequent impulse is an expression of Godís Will that they should enforce upon others.

  • If it is true that "No greater love hath any man than he gives his life for another", what measure should be used if one gives his soul for another?

  • It may be that we can bargain with a needy devil, but what does God have need of that we can use to bargain?

  • Those who denigrate America, because it falls short of perfection, are also probably disappointed with God because He also didn't fulfill their expectations. The explanation for both is found within us, thriving in our private universe of irrational expectations.

  • Death may not be so bad. It all depends upon the severance pay.

  • If Satan wanted to create permanent division and conflict between peoples, he would have been the one that created religion.

  • Doesnít it seem strange that an omnipotent God would have the very human characteristic of becoming tired after just six days effort? What did God do on the eighth day?


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