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  • It is a curious fact of life that we ravage one another most over beliefs for which there is the least evidence supporting either side, and we ravage each others the least when there is clear and verifiable evidence supporting both positions.

  • Be slow to contradict another as it is possible that you misheard or misunderstood.

  • The easiest way to get one’s ideas accepted is to lay them softly before others to pick up and claim as their own.

  • To help carry the burden of another is uplifting to two.

  • It is fortunate for the world that our powers to act are far less than the strength of our angers.

  • When we stretch our minds, we never need to worry that they’ll ever return to their original shapes, and we need never worry that our minds will break from overstretching.

  • We should learn to baste our days with the blessings that we have rather than the blessings that we only wish we had.

  • On entering, those that intend to always speak the truth shouldn’t take off their coats.

  • All we have to do to make sure that the future controls us is –nothing.

  • If everything worth doing were worth doing well, there would be a whole lot less things being done.

  • We are often told that we shouldn’t go out on a limb for something, but aren’t we all already out on a limb? Perhaps we shouldn’t go further out, but it is futile to try and get off the limb altogether without dying.

  • Some of the most expensive education that we ever purchase happens because we fail to read the fine print.

  • Perhaps love means never having to say you’re sorry, but consideration for a loved one is not similarly endowed.

  • When young, it is best to establish any goal to aim for than to have none at all. When one establishes a goal, the goal can be changed or modified later; when one has no goal at all, it usually happens that the demands of life will impose their own.

  • All we gain by blaming our current emotional state on an unhappy past is finding someone to blame; this is personally destructive as this is most often done instead of focusing on making our future more enriching to ourselves and those that we love.

  • It is perhaps wise to assume that we can only reap what we have sown, but it is foolish to assume that what we reap is only what we have sown.

  • We can never cast our shadows on a flame.

  • The person that never says “I don’t know.” shouldn’t be believed on any matter.

  • The person that says “I don’t know.” will attract no followers while the person that claims to know will attract throngs if what is known is completely false.

  • Never enter into any contract unless it appears likely that both parties can fulfill that contract and that it likely will be fulfilled because it is in the interest of both parties to do so.

  • There are probably none as brave as those that daily live their lives openly without responding to the fear of ostracism or the desire for acceptance.

  • There are many that disparage human nature and many that praise it. What neither is doing is recognizing that there are two forms of human nature, one is revealed by fear and deprivation, and the other is revealed by security and love. It is for us to encourage the latter and to discourage the former if we are to progress.

  • The flame of enlightenment that burns within us flickers and threatens to be extinguished each time that we deny to others what we believe, and when we accept the beliefs of others even though they appear to be false.

  • It is said that “We live and learn.” which is undoubtedly true; however to live to the fullest, we need to live and learn to live and learn.

  • It seems consistently true of unhappy people, that they think of the world around them actually revolving around them, and having only a vague awareness of the needs of others and having little inclination to fulfill their needs.


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