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  • Between one’s prologue and one’s epilogue are many pages, most of them blank yet still too few.

  • Half succeeding in something is worth more than completely succeeding in nothing.

  • We often hear “All good things must come to an end.” But when things seem black, it should be remembered that “All bad things must also come to an end.”

  • Being content with possessions is an obvious requirement for happiness yet all about us, and on each and every day, comes endless seductions designed to relieve us of our contentment, yet we turn not away.

  • When we say that “it” doesn’t make sense, we are correct, because we are the ones that make sense out of “it”. It is also true that we quite often make nonsense out of “it” too.

  • It is wise to think of one’s self as only a brief bit of nothingness, but it is profoundly unwise to treat others as though they are also.

  • Perhaps reality is precisely perfect and we just haven’t discovered yet how it could be so.

  • We are not free because ropes bind us; we are not free because our believes do.

  • Did you ever notice how much smarter that you believe others are when they listen attentively and how much the opposite when they speak obsessively?

  • What would it mean if someone believed that their inferiority complex was superior to all others?

  • More to be feared than the person that sets out to deceive, is the person whose convictions of rightness are so strong that getting others to believe likewise is life’s pursuit, and is justified in using any means possible to get others to believe likewise.

  • It is often said: “You never know until you try.”, but most often we don’t know even then, and that is the main reason to continue trying.

  • Perhaps the time will come when we have matured enough to have the same prejudices as the opposing pieces in a chess set.

  • The things that we know of yet don’t understand are few compared to the unknown things that we will never understand,

  • The faith of another should never be questioned because it can’t be proven, for if it could be proven it would no longer be called faith.

  • Whenever another has a financial interest in our choices, we should regard anything coming from that individual as not being information but merely possibilities.

  • Nothing is explained by giving something a name, yet many will call the name the explanation.

  • Some of our deepest questions are not answerable by mere words but by living the answer; this is because the answers are mixtures of our emotions and thoughts, only the latter of which is freely communicated by words. In some sense this kind of answer is like a room that must be entered and lived within before an answer grows and becomes the answer.


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Page 71 of  131

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