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  • What we call a great cause, one worthy of dying for, will someday be thought folly and worth thinking of no more.

  • Any that condemn doubt, demand servitude of our minds instead, and perhaps our bodies as well.

  • “I told you so.” Is the final blow to the badly wounded.

  • What a great misfortune it is for children that their parents are not yet adults except in years.

  • Although nature is highly inefficient, it makes up for that deficiency by its relentless thoroughness.

  • Some speak of their homeland as their motherland and others as their fatherland, yet it would be more accurate today to call our land our “childland”, because it is we that will shape its future and determine if it will survive or die.

  • Of course crime doesn’t pay; it’s society that pays for crime.

  • We all know that certain music will heighten certain feelings, but it is also true that certain music can create certain feelings, feelings that then create certain thoughts that tend to flow from those feelings. Therefore, music can be useful in creating certain kinds of thoughts.

  • It is very unlikely that anyone ever had premarital sex in a bawdy- house.

  • It may be that the most threatening future military conflicts won’t come from other nations but from independently operating antagonists, rather like combating relentless and endless swarms of fire-ants until the giant tires, weakens and falls.

  • When the conditions around us become desperate, it is imperative that we don’t.

  • It is easy, when watching an animal respond to what is about it, to assume that what is going on in its head would be the same as would go on in our heads since we respond similarly; such an assumption assumes the animal’s mental processes involves words since most of our responses do with the exception of conditioned reflexes. We can never understand another creature’s mental process no matter how strongly we believe that we already do.

  • It may be that those that discover a scandal receive as much pleasure in the discovery as those while scandalizing.

  • Of necessity, wars lead to peace; peace on the other hand, does not lead to war even though it precedes it.

  • Perhaps our Universe is just one universe among many, and if so, we could never know.

  • Where does time go when it flees?-- Into the past only to be recycled into our futures, and that is the reason the future will become so similar to the past.

  • Why do we wonder why a dog barks at the moon but not about those that complain about the weather?

  • Any culture that subdues women should expect the wildest tendencies of men to gain free rein to impose mayhem on one another.

  • A critic is one who, incapable of being creative himself, is content to sit in the audience and throw mud balls at those who are.

  • Mobs degenerate to the lowest I.Q. and lowest ideals of any member within its midst.

  • Every culture would be very different if its people were as enthusiastic about finding truths and understandings as they are about finding comforts and pleasures.

  • Behind every reform movement, and more important than the reform, are those wanting to snare the power of others as their own.

  • Regardless of whether others sacrificed for us specifically or not, they produced a debt that is impossible to repay, but not impossible for us to forward on to future generations.

  • There are few things that are more to be feared than others that are caught up by their fears, for they have abandoned reason and will harm the harmless if it would seem to reduce their own fears.

  • Although it is easier to dig a grave with a shovel, many Americans prefer to use a knife and fork.

  • There are many physicians that start out with the lofty intention of healing others and end up primarily interested in healing their finances.

  • When we are in the presence of a single source of light, we always cast a shadow; even when it is directly over our heads, our shadow is at least under our feet, and unless we are deformed into the shape of a cone, the wider parts of our upper body would cast a shadow around the smaller part of our body-our feet.


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