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  • Few things sabotage one’s future as much as acting impulsively, and few things benefit one’s future as much as deliberation before acting.

  • One of the great pities of being human is that so many feel shame about what they are, and will forever remain steeled against others ever knowing of what they are.

  • Few things of great value are so wasted as gratitude that remains unexpressed.

  • Some find pride so intoxicating that they become “prideoholics”

  • Those that believe that they can control another deceive themselves; all that can be done is to influence others and then call that influence “control”.

  • There are some that seem to talk as though their native tongue were “Ambiguity”.

  • When we lose a loved one, there is no greater remorse than for the loving words left unsaid, and for the loving deeds left undone.

  • Compromise might be the main attribute of a social individual, but never that of a moral person.

  • In any competition, whether in war, sports, or love, few weapons are as effective as instilling ambivalence in your competitor.

  • When we don’t like what another does, if we start trying to understand why the act was committed, rather than casting blame or accusations, forgiving will no longer be needed and our peace of mind will not be disturbed.

  • It is the fortunate individual that can wish that the good fortune of others exceeds one’s own, and can do that without envy.

  • When our thoughts become too absurd or dumb to be spoken, they can still be salvaged for poems and songs.

  • Life is abundant and we can have as much of it as we have the courage to dare; it is death that is scarce, so scarce in fact that we are limited to only per customer.

  • Few think of themselves as being for sale, however advertisers continuously bid for you in order to get you to do their bidding.

  • It is best to never offer an excuse for failing, no matter how well founded, as every excuse is a confession of our weaknesses, and every withholding of an excuse is evidence of our accepting total responsibility, a sign of our strength.

  • Success in any pursuit is probable if embodying a relentless passion to reach a desired end, a passion not deterred by failure and other’s predictions of our continued failure.

  • A eagle doesn’t search in flocks but singly, because the prize, seen by only one, is sufficient only to the one and not to a flock.

  • The measures of goodness and of badness aren’t in the act but in the believers that judge the act.

  • When we attribute a failure to luck, fate, or destiny, we learn little from such capricious entities, but when we attribute our failure to our deficiencies, we make the first step towards succeeding.

  • The most perfect theory is worth no more than the paper that it is written on or the air that transmits its description to another, unless the theory leads to implementation in some way.

  • Perhaps action does speak louder than words, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll like the actions any better.

  • Few that lust for power over others demonstrate the ability to exercise power even over themselves.

  • The most certain way of discovering a use for some long-saved item, is to have discarded it yesterday.

  • Overreaching is something that is frowned on by many, but until one has overreached, one will never know how far that they can reach.

  • The very best reason to keep on doing exactly what you have been doing all along is if you are satisfied with the results. If not satisfied, reason dictates doing differently.

  • One’s goals should act like a ships rudder that ensures that the ship is going to where the helmsman intends. Those without life’s goals are rudderless ships in a capricious sea.


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