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  • In spite of the distorting lens of time, some of what we remember just might be accurate.

  • Sleeping is a kind of practice for death, which we keep practicing until we finally get it perfected.

  • Each new thought is like a bell that has never been rung.

  • There seems to be two classes of humans, those that find it almost impossible to forgive themselves and those that find it almost impossible to find anything within themselves to forgive.

  • Tomorrow sleeps in the cradle that we rock today.

  • Life is the kind of game where if you don’t like the cards with which you were dealt, you can make new cards.

  • Those with only one hand can still clap if they find another with only one hand.

  • The world abounds with humans, but is running short on humanity.

  • Time seems so abundant that we are willing to waste it until we glimpse its ending only to wish for that which we once wasted so willingly.

  • We deceive ourselves grossly when we start believing that our future is entirely within our control, like a mariner that would believe that calms and winds can be created at will.

  • It is impossible to teach wisdom to the young, but not impossible to teach how to act wisely through our examples.

  • Blind trust in others is foolish. Blind trust in oneself is a calamity.

  • We cling to many untruths only because they tend to support our many delusions.

  • As intoxicating as alcohol is, many of mankind’s beliefs, especially those that are believed to be divine in origin, and like alcohol those beliefs tend to be much more intoxicating to a few than to the many.

  • Many seem to have come into life the same way as has many Christmas toys that say “Batteries not included”.

  • No eye sees further than when looking up to the stars.

  • Those living in abundance can never understand those that live in deprivation, any more than a fish could understand a camel that lives on so little water.

  • Each of our lives is like a spark from a flint,- momentary in its existence but also capable of igniting and producing benefits that last well beyond even the memory of its cause.

  • Few things create as much anxiety as the uncertainty of our futures, even though our futures must always remain uncertain. Because of this anxiety we are often prevented from acting in ways that increase the probability of a favorable outcome, not realizing that certainty will always remain only a seductive delusion.

  • If “Survival of the fittest” turns out to be correct over the next million years, perhaps we shouldn’t be so smug about our supremacy vs. the cockroach.

  • Has anyone ever explained why there are so many things that we’re glad we did but would never want to do again? If they improved us the first time, why wouldn’t they the second time? Why are there so many things that we do repeatedly that don’t improve us, and often harms us, that we make a conscious choice to do again as soon as the opportunity arrives?


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 72 of  161

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